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No Matter the Weather, Bestop Has Us Covered

Going Soft With Bestop

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

If you own a Jeep, especially a JK, you are likely familiar with the company Bestop. It makes the factory soft top for the Jeep Wrangler and offers a bevy of aftermarket options, including the Trektop NX Pro, Sunrider, and Trektop NX Glide. While the Wrangler is the only 4x4 currently on the market with a removable top, that was not always the case. Earlier Jeeps, Toyota Land Cruisers, Ford Broncos, International Scouts, and Suzuki Samurais were all available with removable tops. In the case of our 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser, the hard top was removed long before we purchased the vehicle. This situation is all too common, but fortunately Bestop had exactly what we needed for four-season wheeling through inclement weather in the form of the Supertop Classic Soft Top.

Our favorite aspect of the Supertop Classic is how easily it can be reconfigured. Need a full soft top for the rain? Easy. Want to roll up the windows and pull the doors off? That only takes minutes. Similarly, putting the entire top down can be easily performed by one person when you want the wind blowing through your hair. And the premium materials and American-made construction mean that the Bestop Supertop Classic will last just as long as our vintage Land Cruiser.

Putting the top down entirely gives an open-air feeling and the visibility that we appreciate on the trail. The top pivots on the hardware, making it easy for one person to put the entire Supertop Classic down or back up in a matter of minutes.