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No-Leak Jeep Soft Windows

Leak-free Journeys

Stuart A. BourdonPhotographer, Writer

When it comes to choosing doors for your Jeep, the choice is often dictated by the type of wheeling you do, where you do it, and when you do it. There are open-frame tube doors, tube doors with cloth or metal covering, plastic half-doors, screened half-doors, solid metal half-doors, and full solid doors like those from the factory. Most that choose half-doors, like we did for our Week to Wheelin’ Jeep JK Project “Rubi,” end up running no upper door at all, or when necessary they pop on one of the many metal rod–framed soft window products available in the aftermarket.

Since Rubi already had Mopar solid lower half-doors, we decided to shoot the moon and add a pair of full-framed soft window upper half-doors, and Quadratec had just what we were looking for. The Mopar Front Driver Side Upper Door and Front Passenger Side Upper Door (we chose Black Diamond to match the existing soft top as best we could) are made of high-quality plastic and offer a substantially sized molding. These upper halves feature a full frame that is rigid enough to keep the attached fabric and window from flapping, vibrating, leaking, or making any noise. Can you say the same for those tissue paper–thin, soft upper doors on your rig?

As to the installation, let’s put it this way. The only tools we needed were eyeballs and arms to install the Mopar upper doors. I take that back. The two tabs on the bottoms of the new upper doors slipped easily into the two rectangular openings in the tops of the Mopar hard lower half-doors, but we did use a rubber mallet to gently tap the upper doors firmly down into place on the lower doors.

We have nothing but good things to say about the Mopar upper doors after a handful of opportunities to do local SoCal day trips in Rubi. However, a set of the upper doors were also put on “Offroadster,” the double-nosed Jeep JK built for the 2012 Ultimate Adventure that Jp Editor Rick Péwé recently drove to, during, and back home from the 2018 Ultimate Adventure. In his words: “On a 7,000-mile trip through rain, heat, wind, trees, and brush, the Mopar upper doors protected me from the elements the whole time. My ears were happy, too. The upper doors also had great zippers. There’s nothing like having factory parts to fit factory parts.”