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Armor Up: Jeep Rear Corner Protection

Cover Your Rear

Stuart A. BourdonPhotographer, Writer

When you begin doing a little hard-core wheelin’, you soon realize that the rear corners of your Jeep are exposed to all sorts of rock rash and other forms of abusive terrain. Protecting those rear corners can be as important as keeping any other part of your rig’s body from getting beat up too badly. This Jeep JKU was already outfitted with rock sliders, gnarly bumpers front and rear, and sturdy steel fenders. However, it lacked rear quarter-panel corner protection. Scanning the horizon for just the right thing led us back to Poison Spyder Customs.

Poison Spyder Crusher Corners are laser-cut from 3/16-inch plate steel and then roll-formed. The holes for mounting hardware are counter-sunk, and stainless steel hardware is supplied with the kit. They are available in Standard, Stock, Comp Cut, or Modified profiles to match up to a variety of fender flare styles. Our subject Jeep JKU had full-width (6-inch-wide) Crusher Flares already, so we went with the Standard Crusher Corners to match up perfectly. Be sure you confer with Poison Spyder to be sure which is right for you before ordering.

Installation was easy because we had the right tools, and easier still because we also had pneumatics. However, this installation can be accomplished in your home garage with basic tools and a few non-typical tools. You’ll need a drill motor and drill bit set, open-end wrenches, hex keys or hex driver bits, 2 3/4-inch hole saw, Sawzall, Phillips and standard screwdrivers, duct tape, and some good C-clamps. A test light to check power to the lights was helpful as well. We also highly recommend a professional nut-sert installation tool; you won’t regret getting one.

Poison Spyder Crusher Corners are available (as of this report) for the Jeep CJ-7, CJ-8, YJ, TJ, LJ, and JK. We bet units for the new Jeep JL are on the drawing board, if not about to debut. Follow along as we show you highlights and key steps in the installation process on this Jeep JK Unlimited, and we’ll offer up some tips and tricks we learned along the way.