Upgrade the Interior of Your Wrangler in an Afternoon

    (Not So) Extreme Makeover

    Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

    Visibility is an often-overlooked quality on the trail. If you can’t see where you are going, it’s much more difficult to navigate through technical terrain. Jeeps are great in this regard with their upright seating position, removable doors, and sloped hoods. Contrast that with Toyota pickups, with their permanent doors (they can be removed, but it’s much more arduous), wide hoods, and low seating position with our legs out in front of you instead of underneath you. Early Broncos are better in terms of seating position and lack of doors, but their hoods actually raise up at the outside, severely limiting visibility.

    That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement if you drive a Jeep, particularly for shorter drivers. In addition to visibility, the other great thing about owning a Jeep is the abundance of aftermarket support. If there’s any possible product you might desire, someone probably already mass-produces it. This was the case with our seating position, so we recently added a set of Rough Country seat risers to our 2006 Wrangler and were rewarded with improved visibility in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to see that this is a worthwhile upgrade that makes it … well, easy to see.