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Toyota Tundra Exterior Upgrades from Addictive Desert Designs, Rigid industries and Warn

Trail-Ready Tundra, Part 2: Stealth Bumpers and Side Steps, LED lighting and a Hidden Winch

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Last month we introduced you to our overland-style Tundra build that we're putting together with Thomas Hale from Fuel Offroad. We already adjusted the altitude and suspension travel with the help of a BDS and Fox coilover kit and 35-inch Fuel Gripper XT tires. This month we took the next step and added bumpers, side steps, LED lighting, and a front winch. Not only were we adding to the looks of the Tundra by effectively removing any chrome that was left on the truck, we were adding extra clearance up front and extra strength against the elements—off-road or on.

Our first call was to Addictive Desert Designs for a whole package to outfit the Crew Max Toyota. We started up front with the Stealth Fighter Winch front bumper. We matched the rear by adding a second Stealth Fighter bumper in the rear with cutouts for the factory sensors. For the steps, we settled on ADD's Honey Badger series that come with provisions for LED lighting. Warn Industries' 9.5cti Series 12-volt winch was a great fit for the bumper, so we ordered one up to fit in the spot. Other items that were a perfect fit were the Rigid LEDs, which consisted of pods to fill the rear bumper, a bar for the front, and dual 10-inch bars for each step.

Our search for a sleek, non-bulky front bumper ended with the Stealth Fighter Winch front bumper from Addictive Desert Designs. It features parking sensor cutouts, hammer black powdercoat finish with satin black panels, and a universal mount for a 40-inch lightbar or up to 10 cube lights. There are even mounts for 10-inch single-row lightbars behind the side panels.

We returned to Performance Plus in Long Beach, California, which took the better part of the day for the full install. Follow along as we continue to transform the Tundra and make sure to check back next month because we still have to find a wiring solution for the lights, and we also have a whole bunch more surprises for this build. Finally, check out ADD, Warn or Rigid to see what they have for your truck.

This Warn Industries 9.5cti Series 12V electric winch mounts directly to the ADD bumper and has a pull capacity of 9,500 pound. It has a 100-foot synthetic rope. It also comes complete with power cables and remote.
The 40-inch RDS-Series Pro provides a sleek, curved, low-profile lighting solution that measures less than 2 inches tall and matched up perfectly with the front bumper. The 10-inch SR-Series Flood Diffused, two being spot and two flood, fit the side steps. Not shown are the pair of pods for the rear bumper.
Speaking of the rear bumper, we opted to match the rear to the front with another Stealth Fighter bumper with sensor cutouts from ADD.
Finally, the ADD Honey Badger steps boast unique styling from a laser-cut logo, an all-welded body, and removable step plates that can be color-matched for complete customization.
Once we were back at Performance Plus and on the lift, we started up front with the relatively easy removal of the front bumper. With the factory wiring for the foglights and sensors removed, we removed the three factory bolts on each side.
It wasn't long before we were removing the bumper from the Tundra for good.
We chose the correct bracket for the Rigid lightbar and bolted it in place in the ADD bumper.
The factory sensors were relocated in place on the ADD bumper next.
We slipped the Warn winch cable through the alloy fairlead before we bolted it to the new bumper.
Then we bolted the winch right into place on the ADD unit. We were extremely impressed with how well parts from three different companies were fitting together.
Soon, we were ready to lift the loaded bumper into place on the Tundra.
The ADD bumper bolts back into place with the same six bolts.
We're saving the LED wiring for a later date, but we did hook up the power for the Warn winch to the factory battery.
We did pull the grille to run the cables cleanly, and then we refed the synthetic winch rope into the winch and wound it up under its own power. But at that point, the front end was wrapped up for now.
One thing we were adamant about getting rid of was the factory chrome tube steps on the Tundra; we removed the bolts and dropped them down in a matter of seconds.
The Honey Badger steps were lifted up into place.
These ADD steps bolted right back in the stock location and were snugged down.
We slid each of the four 10-inch Rigid lightbars into their spots in the steps and snugged them down. Another perfect fit.
If only the rear bumper was as easy. It came off in several pieces, starting with the center plastic.
Next, the painted side panels were removed. We detached the sensor and license plate light harnesses as well.
Then, the steel bumper ends were unbolted from above and below and removed.
The sensors were removed from the factory bumper plastic.
And immediately they were installed into the ADD Stealth bumper.
We then transferred the factory license lights and trailer plug to the new bumper.
Next, we installed the Rigid LED pods into place on the new bumper.
Finally, we bolted the ADD bumper brackets into place through the factory holes in the frame.
Our new bumper was lifted into place on the Tundra.
After a little adjusting, the bumper was snugged down for good.
We proceeded to reattach the wiring harnesses and transfer the license place. Once again, we were impressed with the fitment.