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2007 Jeep JK sPOD Installation - Randy’s Electrical Corner

Proper Jeep Wiring

RandyPhotographer, Writer

It’s kind of weird for me to say this, but for once, I didn’t actually do this installation. I stood out of the way and let someone else do it while I basically just watched. You see, Trasborg decided he wanted to put ARB Air Lockers in Jp’s 2007 JK, but he was warned about hacking into the factory wiring to do so. Apparently, the JK is kind of particular about messing around in the CAN bus system. Even if it weren’t for that, I’m so against hacking into factory wiring, it’s not even funny. The fastest way to screw up a perfectly good Jeep is to go monkeying around in the factory wiring. So when Trasborg told me what he wanted to do, I knew exactly how to go about it.

I never got to play with a JK, and I’ve liked the sPOD systems for years but the company only made them for JKs. By the time they started making them for TJs, the wiring in Jp’s TJ was already hacked up so I didn’t see a point to it, but when it came time to start adding aftermarket stuff to the JK, sPOD was my first stop. But since I’ve never installed one before, I took the Jeep to sPOD’s corporate headquarters to see how they did the install. As it turns out, the installation is really easy, and I needn’t have worried at all about any of it. Here’s some of the benefits and how the install worked.