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Installing A Retractable Underhood Light - Randy’s Electrical Corner

Fix-It Light

Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

Earl says I have a mind loop with some things. He says what happens is I sometimes think of something and get stuck on it. Then I restart back at the beginning of what I was saying and go to where the loop started. I guess it happens with stuff that I really enjoy picturing in my head, like Catalina being half-naked.

OK, it took me about five hours to stop thinking about that thing I said above so I’m gonna keep going. I know I’ve mentioned these cool underhood lights before, but I never showed you how I normally install them or showed pictures of some of the cooler parts. One of the best things about these lights is that they are only as far away as your local junkyard. No high-dollar stuff here, and they are super useful.

I am not sure of the exact years, but these underhood lights can be found in late ’80s and early-mid ’90s Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs. I have better luck finding them in Suburbans than pickup though. The light is durable, has a retractable cord, and an on/off switch. All of that makes this underhood light a great replacement for the light that was under the hood of your Jeep when you got it—That’s if your Jeep even came with one.