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Jeep Accessory Switch Options - Randy’s Electrical Corner

Switching Switches to be More Switchy

Linda JonesPhotographerPete TrasborgWriter

Switch. It’s a funny word. I mean when I was a little kid at school, I would “switch” the vegetables my mom put in my metal Dukes of Hazzard for the cookies in that plastic Go-Bots lunchbox next to it on the shelf. Man, that guy hated his mom putting vegetables in his lunch every day.

Earl has his list, and we’ve been doing great things for people that we messed with in the past. I started my own little list too, just to keep Karma happy and to make it up to the vegetable guy. But stop distracting me, and let me talk about switches. Not icky vegetable switches but the clicky clicky kind that shuts off or turns on power in a circuit.

Why didn’t they call them on-ers? Or on-off-ers? It’s not like they are changing things, they just complete circuits. I don’t know. The people that make names up for stuff need to go to shrinks. Or that’s what people tell me anyway. I think maybe their heads are just too big or something.

Here’s the thing though, picking a switch for a Jeep (not the cookie kind) is different than picking a switch for a regular vehicle. A switch in a Jeep needs to put up with sun, water, dirt, vibration, gorilla hands smacking the lever while bouncing hard off-road, and more. So it needs to be water resistant, stout, and generally just put up with a lot of abuse. So, without anymore stealing of cookies, here are some of the things I have learned about switches for Jeeps over the years.