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KC HiLites Cyclone light Install - Randy’s Electrical Corner


Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

I’m gonna kick Pete Trasborg’s ass. He’s driving me insane. I mean, I’m normally a calm guy, but this is going too far. How does one guy destroy this much stuff? I’ve been in and out of this Jeep more than I ever wanted to be.

What am I going on about? Well, I’m talking about Jp’s ’07 JK. Somehow Trasborg managed to increase the wheel travel to the point that the front tires are taking apart the grille. Well, OK, the lights in the grille. Jeez, OK, the turn signal and marker lights in the grille.

At least Trasborg is good at something. He took the JK on the Rubicon and managed to break the turn signals. If that wasn’t enough, he rubbed the tires so hard into the lights that he broke the bulb sockets, de-pinned them, broke the bulbs off in the housings, and didn’t know it until the turn signals started blinking fast.

So who does he call? Like the time when Crabman busted up the Subaru and he couldn’t get Mr. Turtle out of the dashboard, Trasborg calls me. So, I don’t know what to do about it but some quick internet searching turned up these neat lights from KC. Some quick soldering, a little bit of cutting of the factory housings, and some silicone and I was able to take almost 11⁄2 inches out of the factory housings. They blink fast now, but he doesn’t care, so I’m leaving it alone. Odds are good he will break it again tomorrow anyway.

So anyway, at 25 bucks each, they aren’t exactly cheap, but they are super bright and bulletproof (no I didn’t actually shoot them, but they are beefy). And hopefully the added clearance will keep Trasborg from destroying them. Maybe he could, oh, I don’t know, put bumpstops in the Jeep, but apparently it’s easier to get his buddy Randy to perform surgery on the turn signals.