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Randy's Electical Corner - September 2007

RandyPhotographer, Writer

You might have noticed I might not be the brightest bulb in the box. But I still am pretty good at fixing things. For some reason, I just get electrical things. Because I did wiring stuff better than Hazel, the editors decided to let me write this column.You might think something is temporary when you do it, but we all know that it will stay that way forever. Do it right the first time. What's right, you ask? When you wire something right, you feel proud of it and want to show it off to others. Unless, of course, you are the previous owner who wired up all of Trasborg's CJs, in which case you don't know any better.

Wiring something up right is really easy to do. If it goes through the body, use a grommet and leave slack so you can pull the switch or whatever out later. If it runs anywhere it can be stepped on, caught by a branch, or dripped on, cover it with split-loom tubing or electrical tape or something to protect it.

Don't let it just dangle. Use zip-ties, wire wraps, or tape to keep the wires organized and in the place you want them to be. Most of the time, an electrical thing dies because the wire wasn't run right.

You don't have to be so dumb as to lose the Mustang your dad bought for you in a street race to screw up wiring. We've all done it. Or like this Toyota I was in, seen it. (Don't tell Earl or karma that I was, um . . . borrowing this Toyota.) Just think about where the wire is going and what is around it when you run it. Here are some pictures of what not to do.