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West Virginia Formula - Randy's Electrical Corner

RandyPhotographer, Writer

Last month, I talked about how Virgins are rare in West Virginia, some old guy named Ohm, and some of the laws he came up with. I don't know why they are cooking Virgins in West Virginia-I'd rather have a hamburger.

It hasn't been easy for me since Earl got locked up. I've been living with Joy, and she's nice and all, but she can say mean things sometimes. I don't like it when she says mean things because it makes me feel bad. I don't like feeling bad.

Oh, Jp magazine wanted me to talk about wiring lights in West Virginia. You see, we can use that West Virginia formula (editor's note: Watts = Volts x amps) to figure out how many amps a fuse has to have with aftermarket fog or driving lights, and we can use it to figure out if aftermarket headlights are going to pull too much power for your stock system.