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Baja Designs Rollcage Interior Lighting

DOM Dome Lighting

Jay KopycinskiPhotographer, Writer

When you need it, good interior lighting can be vital. We had long ago covered up the factory incandescent dome light in our Tacoma when we installed a rollcage and had a stringer tube running right under the light. Over the years we had tried a couple homebrew solutions to gain better lighting, but they were mediocre in illumination and visually inelegant.

We sought a better solution and found it with Baja Designs LED dome lights. The compact lights draw only about 0.42 amps so they are power friendly. We mounted one of the company’s lights to our overhead cage tube and now have broad, bright light in a package that looks professional.

The kit we got included the LED light module, tubing mount, stainless hardware, and a zip tie. The small module measures about 2 3/8 inches by 15/16 inches, so it's very compact. Inside is a pair of LEDs that throw a wide pattern of light.

Each light can be screwed onto most any surface using the housing tabs, or it can be attached to a Baja Designs tubing mount. From there, the mount can be zip-tied to a rollcage tube, which is what we did.

We originally thought we would install two of the Baja Designs LEDs for good interior light, but we found one does a great job and covers all the interior cab area of our Tacoma. Our light is tucked up in the rollcage padding and looks clean.