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Let There Be Light in Your Garage

Clever LED Solution for Your Shop or Garage Lighting

Christian HazelPhotographer, Writer

When we first saw the press release for this kit from Garage Door Lighting, it was totally one of those slap-your-forehead-and-say-“Duh! Why didn’t we think of that?!” moments. Most garages and shops are underlit as it is. Even if you have made the effort to install a good lighting setup in your ceiling, as soon as you raise your garage or shop door, chances are it blocks the lights and casts a big shadow over your workspace. That’s why we think this kit from Garage Door Lighting is such a cool idea.

The company has packaged everything you need to install and wire LED lighting to the inside of your garage or shop door, including a clever switch system that automatically turns on the LEDs when your door is raised. Different kits are available for several different styles of garage door systems and doors of varying sizes. We ordered one of the company’s systems for our double rollup garage door, which is representative of the majority of the home garages out there. Our kit included a large roll of double-sided adhesive tape, door harness mounting brackets, hardware and zip ties, a power supply, the switch setup, and everything else we needed. There’s nothing else to buy, and in less than an hour we had more than ample lighting with our garage door open. Check it out!