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Jeep LED Light Wiring - Randy’s Electrical Corner

New Light Alternative

Linda JonesPhotographerPete TrasborgWriter

I’m sure you guys have had enough about me and LED lights. However, when a company tells me that it’s are better than some others on the market and tells me to prove them wrong, I can’t back down. So I told them if we did this and the lights suck, everyone would know about it because that’s how I’d write the article. The company said, “OK, go for it.”

Hi guys, it’s Randy. And I’m just as stubborn as ever. Earl, Crab Man, Joy, and Catalina all told me over and over again that I couldn’t get Mr. Turtle to jump through the hoop. Sure, it took me a while, but I finally got him through the hoop. Earl and Crab Man argued with me that he still didn’t jump, and OK, maybe he didn’t actually “jump” like Catalina, but he still went through the hoop.

Now, you might be sitting there asking yourself what in the world I’m going on about. When Max-Bilt told me that it looked at lights currently on the market and fixed a lot of the problems with theTrail Tail lights, I was interested. The company said it fixed the dead LED problem and showed me a cut-away of how. It increased the amount of lumens and bumped up the overall durability of the lights. Of course, I needed to see for myself.

The other thing I needed to see was how these lights installed compared to others. Some companies have the install down to a “T” with almost no thought needed. Heck, the lights almost install themselves. There are also companies who leave a lot to the imagination and you’ve gotta be part MacGyver to get the lights into your Jeep. So, me being me, I got a set of the lights to try out and install so that I could share the real world with you guys (and gals).