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Heavy Duty Motor Mounts for ’96-’98 5.9 Cummins

Beef For your 6BT or 12-valve and more.

The Cummins B-series diesel engines are legendary in the truck and off-road world. Swapping this engine is a small niche market that attracts many truck and 4x4 folks. Our pal and owner of Rob Bonney Fabrication, Rob Bonney, has been swapping or helping to swap 4BTs, 6BTs (12-valve engines) and 24-valve Cummins into trucks for years. He even has a line of motor mounting systems (73-89 Square Body GM 4x4) and frame boxing plates for most GM full-size. Including most of the 4x4 67-91 K5s, K10s K20s, and K30s. As the Dodge and commercial trucks with 12-valves age, the market for new OEM and good used parts has become more difficult. For example, the factory-cast motor mounts for the 1996-1998 12-valve Dodge engines have dried up. No longer available. That was until Rob decided to make his own heavy-duty motor mounts. These are direct replacements for the 1996-1998 trucks but will bolt to older 12- and 24-valve (non-common rail) Cummins B-series engines if you are swapping one into another truck. And these mounts conveniently work with the aforementioned motor mounting systems.

Heavy-Duty Motor Mounts for Cummins 6BT

These motor mounts are in the early manufacturing stage, and we don't have a price to accompany their announcement, but you can bet they will be a heavy-duty upgrade over the factory parts and should have a reasonable price too. The mounts use four bolts, while the factory-cast mounts use three (like the later 24-volt motor mounts). Also the mounts are made in the U.S.A using 1/4 and 3/8 HRPO steel cut on a plasma table, machined DOM rings, all professionally welded together in-house at Rob Bonney Fabrication.

Yes, Travis Todd's 1989 K5 Blazer has a turbocharged 12-valve Cummins and was built at Rob Bonney Fabrication. The Blazer sits on boxed frame with 1-ton axles, an Allison Transmission, and a passenger drop NP241.