1987 Toyota Pickup LC Engineering Flywheel Upgrade

    Let Your Engine Lug

    Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

    Our 4x4s have a lot of wear items, from tires and shocks to brake pads and clutches. When parts wear out, it’s a great excuse to upgrade to something better, which is what we recently did when the clutch in our ’87 Toyota pickup started slipping. The truck is equipped with a 22RE-T turbocharged engine making around 275 hp—nearly double what the stock engine produced.

    We would recommend this flywheel to anyone who uses a Toyota for rockcrawling

    LC Engineering is a leading source for Toyota speed parts with a variety of clutch and flywheel options to fit every application and budget. We chose the heavy-duty flywheel and Pro Clutch for our application. The 35-pound flywheel will not allow the engine to rev as quickly as a lighter flywheel, but that is a small compromise to make for the greater inertia. The added weight allows our low-compression turbo engine to lug down on the trail in ways we did not think were possible. We would recommend this part to anyone who uses a Toyota for rockcrawling.

    We also added the Pro Clutch to our trail truck. While it does not hold as much power as some of LC Engineering’s other options, the Pro Clutch is easier to modulate on the street and on the trail than LC Engineering’s higher-horsepower applications. The brass-impregnated clutch disc also ensures long life.

    We headed to Toyota specialist Stoffregen Motorsports, where owner Matt Stoffregen swapped out the clutch and flywheel in only a few hours with us looking over his shoulder and snapping photos. By the time the sun was going down we were back on the trail enjoying our latest upgrade and wondering what part would wear out next and give us an excuse for another upgrade.

    We were living on borrowed time when we pulled the clutch on our truck. One bolt in the flywheel had already broken and the rest were stretched.