Jeep JK Crawl Clearance Hooker Headers

    We install Hooker’s BlackHeart stainless steel axle-back exhaust on a JK and gain more clearance

    Wes DuenkelPhotographer, Writer

    Few things are more irritating than dragging your exhaust on an obstacle you just cleared. Fortunately, Hooker offers a solution: the BlackHeart Axle-Back Exhaust Kit (PN 70405401-RHKR) for ’07-’16 Jeep JK Wranglers. Aside from offering a higher-clearance design, the lightweight 18-gauge stainless steel system adds a mellow sound with no drone.

    The new BlackHeart exhaust was easy to install (taking just a couple hours to complete), and is definitely a DIY project for anyone who can swing wrenches. The system’s 2 1/2-inch stainless steel tubing follows the OEM routing, connections, and mounts. The welds, tubing, and muffler all are designed with durability in mind, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Hooker. Check out the photos as we highlight the installation.

    These “before” and “after” images illustrate the additional clearance the Hooker BlackHeart exhaust offers. Aside from a lower-profile muffler case the system’s tailpipe can be adjusted so it tucks up as close to the bumper and frame to maximize clearance.