4x4 Trucks & Jeep Suspension Lift Kits - The Latest & Greatest Lifts

50 Hot New Suspension Kits For 23 Different Trucks

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As manufacturers continue to churn out a steady supply of new and redesigned 4x4 vehicles, the aftermarket suspension companies are burning the candle at both ends to design new suspension kits that will enhance the off-highway capabilities of these models. Clearly, suspension lifts are one of the most basic modifications that we make to our trucks, primarily because they offer increased body-to-ground clearance (which also increases approach and departure angles), as well as the ability to fit larger tires for enhanced traction and even more ground clearance.

You don't drive a new truck? Well, as you'll see in the following pages, some manufacturers are integrating new technology into kits for older vehicles to create significantly improved suspension performance. So sit back and peruse the latest and greatest in aftermarket suspension kits.

Avalanche Engineering
What it fits: '97-'02 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Amount of lift: Owner's specification
The details: It's all about function in Avalanche's world, and the Mega-Flex kit does exactly what its name implies. There are a variety of kits available in quarter-elliptic springs or coilover shocks (shown) in three- or four-link configurations, and all brackets and mounting hardware are available. Avalanche's suspension systems are designed in accordance with the customer's wishes and for the vehicle's intended purpose.

What it fits: '76-'86 Jeep CJ
Amount of lift: Owner's specification
The details: As with the TJ kit, a slew of options are available, including coil-over shocks (shown) and quarter-elliptic springs. You can also choose from 3- or 4-link configurations. Overall, a multitude of offerings are available for the hardcore 'wheeler.
Contact 'em at: Avalanche Engineering, Dept. FW, 40039 Highway 160, Bayfield, Colorado 81122, 970/884-7716, www.avalancheengineering.com

BDS Suspension
What it fits: '99-'01 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty
Amount of lift: 6 or 8 inches, depending on kit
The details: The Glide Ride kit is available in either 6- or 8-inch lifts. The kit includes progressive rear springs and 10-leaf front springs (both include anti-friction pads, tapered leaves, bolt-style alignment clamps, and OEM-style rubber bushings), heavy-duty track bar, new pitman arm, bumpstop lowering brackets, rear brake line relocation bracket, and new front and rear U-bolts. Options include a dual-shock kit and dual steering-stabilizer kit.

What it fits: '95-'01 Chevrolet ZR2 Blazer and S-10
Amount of lift: 5-inch front/4 1/2-inch rear
The details: Beef up the aggressive looks of your ZR2 and create an even more capable rig with this kit, which includes one-piece lower crossmembers (BDS says that these increase frame rigidity while reducing installation time), No Flex drop drag link, front differential drop kit (helps retain factory driveline angles), brake-line relocation brackets, and front antiroll-bar relocation brackets. The rear suspension is lifted via a spring-over axle conversion. Shock absorbers are ordered separately.
Contact 'em at: BDS Suspension, Dept. FW, 402 Jay Street, Coldwater, Michigan 49036, 517/279-2135, www.bds-suspension.com

Calmini Products
What it fits: '89-'98 Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker
Amount of lift: 3 inches
The details: These vehicles have a lot of potential, and this complete bolt-in kit features a pair of tubular front control arms, front coils, struts, axle-drop brackets, rear shocks, rear coil springs, rear lower trailing arms, upper rear V-link with adjustable Heim joint, and rear drive-line spacer. The complete kit is powdercoated in signature Calmini Blue.

What it fits: 2000-'02 Nissan Xterra
Amount of lift: 3 inches
The details: Add even more aggressive looks to your already aggressive Xterra with this new kit that features laser-crafted heavy-duty longer upper control arms, new high-angle upper ball joints, polyurethane bushings with sleeves, 27mm extreme-duty torsion bars, rear dual-leaf insert springs, rear antiroll bar extension links, rear shackles, bumpstop extensions, four gas-charged shocks with boots, U-bolts, and all necessary hardware.
Contact 'em at: Calmini Products, Dept. FW, 6951 McDivitt Drive, Bakersfield, California 93313, 800/345-3305, www.calmini.com

Daystar Products
What it fits: '96-'01 Toyota Tacoma six-lug
Amount of lift: 2 1/2 inches
The details: Simplicity is the name of the game with this ComfortRide kit, which requires no welding or cutting. This all-new kit includes polyurethane coil-spring spacers, isolators, dust boots, antiroll-bar bushings, end-link bushings, bumpstops, greasable Super Shackles, and grade 8 hardware.

What it fits: '94-'02 Dodge Ram 1500-3500 four-wheel drive
Amount of lift: 2 inches
The details: This ComfortRide kit allows you to easily and quickly lift the front of your Dodge to create a level vehicle by simply installing front coil-spring spacers. This offsets the installation of a heavy front bumper, winch, or push bar. It also allows for the use of oversized tires without sacrificing stock ride quality.
Contact 'em at: Daystar Products International Inc., Dept. FW, 841 S. 71st Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85043, 800/595-7659, www.daystarweb.com

Downey Off-Road
What it fits: '64-'83 FJ-40 Toyota Land Cruiser
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: Downey says that this kit features both the best-priced and softest-riding springs available for this application. The springs feature Downey's full package of eight special features. The kit includes graphite-impregnated polyurethane bushings, and offers several options including longer stainless-steel brake hoses, five-inch-extended front upper shock mounts, and cantilever spring shackles (the combination of 4-inch springs and cantilever shackles requires front shocks that extend to 31 inches long to handle the increased wheel travel).

What it fits: '95-'96 Toyota Tacoma/'96-'02 4Runner, 2000-'02 Tundra/'01-'02 Sequoia
Amount of lift: 2-3 1/2 inches
The details: The Tacoma/4Runner kit includes Bilstein rebuildable/revalvable gas shocks, 30-percent stiffer coil springs, heavy-duty precision-fit threaded sleeves with built-in locking feature, billet aluminum upper and lower spring seats with built-in centering feature, and polyurethane upper coil seats. The Tundra/Sequoia kit is similar, but features larger/stiffer coil springs and larger upper spring seats with a different bolt pattern.
Contact 'em at: Downey Off-Road Manufacturing, Dept. FW, 10001 South Pioneer Blvd., P.O. Box 3725, Santa Fe, California 90670-3221, 562/949-9494, www.downeyoff-road.com

Explorer Pro Comp
What it fits: '99-'01 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500/2500 HD
Amount of lift: 6 inches
The details: This kit features a true 6-inch lift (allowing fitment of 35-inch tires) without adjusting the torsion bars, and it maintains the factory track width, tie rod angles, and factory CV angles. It requires no cutting or grinding of the front differential and no replacement brake lines. Options include lateral compression struts, a triple shock hoop, and multiple Auto-Trac driveline options.

What it fits: '96-'01 Toyota Tacoma
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: This kit includes spindle spacers and reinforcements, strut spacers, and welded one-piece crossmembers. The system maintains the factory suspension geometry and ride, and is compatible with Toyota's automatic hub system. Options include a stainless-steel skidplate and double-tube traction bars.
Contact 'em at: Explorer Pro Comp, Dept. FW, 2360 Boswell Road, Chula Vista, California 91914, 619/216-1444, www.explorerprocomp.com

Fabtech Motorsports
What it fits: '01-'02 Chevy Silverado K2500/3500 HD
Amount of lift: 6, 8 inches
The details: Both kits feature high-arch 1/4-inch-thick crossmembers and steel differential skidplates, tubular braces to connect the crossmembers together, tubular impact struts, one-piece torsion bar mounts, and increased caster for oversize tires. The 6-inch kit retains the factory steering centerlink and upper control arms, while the 8-inch kit includes new upper control arms.

What it fits: '97-'02 Ford SuperCrew
Amount of lift: 6 inches
The details: This kit comes complete with solid billet antiroll-bar end links, tubular impact struts, one-piece torsion bar mounts, increased caster for more control with oversized tires, high arch 1/4-inch-thick differential skidplate, and 1/4-inch-thick crossmembers. It retains the factory steering centerlink and upper control arms, and offers a true 6-inch ride-height increase without adjustment to torsion bars.
Contact 'em at: Fabtech Motorsports, Dept. FW, 1000 Beacon Street, Brea, California 92821, 714/990-8850, www.fabtechmotorsports.com

Full Throttle Suspension
What it fits: '97-'02 Ford F-150/Expedition
Amount of lift: 10 inches
The details: The folks at Full Throttle used the latest in CAD/CAM technology to design a kit that is state-of-the-art. The complete kit includes CNC-machined, welded crossmembers, precision-engineered control-arm drops, extensive bracing, urethane-bushed compression struts, machined-steel steering plate with integral rod ends, custom-engineered rear leaf springs, billet front driveline spacer, and high-quality U-bolts and hardware. Options include tubular rear traction bars with urethane bushings and a double-shock kit. Expedition kits come with a rear air-bag relocation kit or new heavy-duty coil springs and mounts.

What it fits: '01-'02 Chevrolet/GMC HD, Suburban
Amount of lift: 6 1/2, 9 1/2, or 12 inches, depending on kit
The details: No matter which of these kits you choose, you get CNC laser-cut and precision-fixture welded crossmembers, rugged fully welded control-arm drops with exclusive bracing, CNC-machined steel steering plate with integral rod ends, urethane-bushed compression struts (on the 9.5-inch and 12-inch kits), rear leaf springs, machined ductile iron blocks, high-grade hardware, and hanger kits. Options include a constant-velocity driveshaft (for AutoTrac-equipped vehicles), rear traction bars, rear double-shock kits, fully tubular upper control arms with CNC-machined ball-joint pockets (these accept larger bolt-in ball joints) and double or triple front shock mounts.
Contact 'em at: Full Throttle Suspension Inc., Dept. FW, 5721 West Barstow Avenue, Fresno, California 93722, 559/271-8629, www.fullthrottlesuspension.com

Full Traction Suspension
What it fits: '82-'86 Jeep CJ, '87-'95 Jeep YJ
Amount of lift: 4 1/2 inches
The details: These two kits allow for a spring-over axle lift without welding or drilling, and you retain the use of the factory springs. The kit is designed to maintain the proper steering geometry and pinion angle, and the complete kit includes one-piece laser-crafted reinforced front- and rear-axle spring perches with integrated one-piece bumpstop limiters, front-and-rear U-bolt skidplates, and all required hardware. Options include extended brake lines, shock absorbers, and antiroll-bar disconnects.

What it fits: '99-'02 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: This complete bolt-on kit includes front differential brackets that correct pinion angle, cast steering knuckles, improved two-piece MIG-welded dual subframes (for claimed easier installation than one-piece types), heavy-duty reinforcement skidplate (bolts to subframe for increased strength and protection), torsion bar crossmember drop brackets, billet front-axle driveshaft spacers, extended front and rear antiroll-bar links, polyurethane bushings, Delrin bushings, cadmium-plated hardware, FTS Series 5100 shock absorbers with boots, FTS rear leaf springs, and all hardware.
Contact 'em at: Full Traction Suspension, Dept. FW, 6951 McDivitt Drive, Bakersfield, California 93313, 800/255-6464, www.full-traction.com

James Duff Enterprises
What it fits: '66-'77 Ford Bronco
Amount of lift: 3 1/2 inches
The details: The Stage 2 and Stage 3 suspensions were designed to offer outstanding articulation and travel. The Stage 2 kit includes long-travel coils and leaves, stretched tubular radius arms, front hoops with 15-inch long-travel shocks, rear-shock mounts, 12-inch long-travel shocks, and bushing kit. The Stage 2 kit requires a 2-inch body lift (or inner-fenderwell trimming), and this allows the custom shock mounts to use the extra space under the wheelwells created by the lift, allowing the new 15-inch-travel shocks to be used on the front, and 12-inch-travel shocks on the rear. The Stage 3 kit adds long-link radius arms that are 10 1/2-inches longer than stock.

What it fits: '66-'77 Ford Bronco
Amount of lift: 3 1/2 inches
The details: This Stage 1 kit was designed with both the daily driver and full-time four-wheeler in mind. The complete, state-of-the-art system includes progressive-rate long-travel coils and leaf packs, front dual-shock hoops, rear double shock mounts, Duff's custom-tuned 70/30 Auto Adjusting Shocks, track-bar drop bracket, bushings, and U-bolts.
Contact 'em at: James Duff Enterprises Inc., Dept. FW, 261340 Highway 101, Sequim, Washington 98382, 360/683-2160, www.jamesduff.com

Northwest Off Road
What it fits:'96-'02 Toyota Tacoma
Amount of lift: 3 inches
The details: This system includes high-quality progressive-rate front coil springs for a more comfortable ride than stock, improved cornering, reduced bottoming out, and allows for the use of a heavy winch-bumper. Also included in the kit are urethane upper coil spacers, a rear block set, rear U-bolt set, rear-brake equalizer bracket, extended-length stainless-steel brake hose, extended-length Rough Country rear shocks (extended-length front shocks are not required), and grade 8 hardware.

What it fits: '96-'02 Toyota Tacoma, '99-'02 Tundra
Amount of lift: 0-3 inches
The details: This trick suspension is available for both Tacoma and Tundra, and features Race Runner adjustable front coilover shocks for adjustability from no lift at all to three inches of lift. They feature large 7/8-inch hard-chromed shafts, precision-machined fully-threaded shock bodies, internal oil reservoirs that separate oil and high-pressure nitrogen gas, they're CNC-machined from billet material, and offer a large-eyelet spherical bearing to eliminate bushing wear. The complete kit includes the coilovers, high-quality rear leaf springs, greasable shackles, and urethane bushings. The kit increases load capacity and provides increased clearance for oversized tires.
Contact 'em at: Northwest Off Road, Dept. FW, P.O. Box 1617, Bellingham, Washington 98227, 360/676-1200, www.northwestoffroad.com

Old Man Emu
What it fits: '82-'02 Toyota Tacoma Xtracab/Double Cab
Amount of lift: 2 inches
The details: Old Man Emu engineers spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the Tacoma to determine shock absorber/spring combinations that would complement each other. The result is a number of kit options, including three choices of coil springs designed for specific load ranges (stock load, medium load, or heavy, constant load), as well as two types of shock absorbers (comfort or firm valving). The rear leaf springs are designed for medium loads to full manufacturer's GVM. Greasable shackle kits are available, as are two unique bushing kits (one for the stock shackles and one for the OME greasable shackles). An exhaust bracket is also available to ensure that the exhaust system properly clears the rear leaf springs.

What it fits: '99-'02 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Amount of lift: 1 1/2 inches
The details: Two coil springs are available for the front of the Grand Cherokee (stock load or heavy load), and the front shock absorbers are valved appropriately for both springs. A lighter-weight antiroll bar is a recommended component that has been specifically engineered to work with the front coil springs and shocks. Two coil springs are also available for the rear (medium load and heavy load), and like the front, the rear shock absorbers are tuned to suit either spring choice.
Contact 'em at: ARB USA, Dept. FW, 20 South Spokane Street, Seattle, Washington 98134, 206/264-1669, www.arbusa.com

Rancho Suspension
What it fits: '01-'02 Silverado/Sierra 2500 HD
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: This kit was developed using 285/75-16 tires on 16x8 wheels with 4 1/2 inches of backspacing. It features 1/4-inch high-strength steel construction, a one-piece MIG-welded and reinforced subframe, strong and quiet urethane bushings, and heavy-duty fasteners and hardware. A fully cast knuckle maintains stock steering geometry and ensures quick, easy alignment to OEM specs. The kit also includes exclusive front differential drop brackets that correct pinion angle to minimize/eliminate driveline vibration without the need for driveshaft modifications. Rancho engineers have eliminated the need for upper control-arm drop, relay-rod replacement, and changes to exhaust routing.

What it fits: '97-'02 Ford Expedition
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: This kit allows Expedition owners to upgrade to 33-inch tires with wheels up to 4 1/2 inches of backspacing. It features precision-machined heavy-duty cast steering knuckles for optimized steering geometry, fully welded cradle-style front subframe for increased durability and structural integrity, heavy-gauge, high-strength steel and MIG-welded construction, heavy-duty torsion-bar crossmember drop brackets and transmission crossmember, rear coil springs, link-drop brackets, boxed rear lower links with grease fittings, rear track-bar drop bracket, bumpstop spacers, antiroll-bar extended end links, and all urethane bushings and heavy-duty hardware.
Contact 'em at: Rancho Suspension, Dept. FW, One International Drive, Monroe, Michigan 48161, 888/GORANCHO, www.gorancho.com

Race Car Dynamics
What it fits: '99-'01 Ford Super Duty
Amount of lift: 4-6 inches, depending on kit
The details: The leaf packs use thinner spring material and more leaves than a standard spring pack (from nine to 11 springs per pack), include OEM-style vulcanized rubber bushings, military-style wrap over the main leaf eyelet on the secondary leaf and open-end spring clamps to ensure proper leaf alignment and reduced friction between leaves. The kit also includes a heavy-duty front track-bar relocation bracket, extended antiroll-bar links, forged-steel dropped pitman arm, rear lift blocks with factory-style bumpstops, polyurethane powdercoat finish, four custom-matched Bilstein monotube gas-pressure shocks, and all grade 8 hardware and U-bolts.

What it fits: '94-'01 Dodge Ram 1500/2500
Amount of lift: 6 inches
The details: Race Car Dynamics has developed a replacement lower long arm with special polyurethane-encased flex joints that are similar to rod ends but require less maintenance. The kit also includes progressive-rate front coil springs, upper and lower long-arm links, front track-bar and upper-link relocation brackets, forged-steel dropped pitman arm, antiroll-bar drop-down brackets, factory-style rear block and U-bolt assembly that retains the factory bumpstop wing, four Bilstein 5100 Series monotube shock absorbers, and all necessary grade 8 hardware.
Contact 'em at: Race Car Dynamics Inc., Dept. FW, 3552 Fowler Canyon Road, Jamul, California 91935, 619/588-4723,www.racecardynamics.com

Revtek Industries
What it fits: '99-'02 Ford Super Duty
Amount of lift: 4 or 6 inches
The details: The 4-inch kit allows for the installation of 35-inch tires, while the 6-inch kit creates enough room for 37-inch tires (both up to 12 1/2 inches wide). The kit contains front leaf springs, track-bar drop bracket, rear blocks, carrier-bearing drop bracket, 4-inch extended polyurethane bumpstops, drop pitman arm, antiroll-bar drop brackets, and all the necessary hardware.

What it fits: '01-'02 Jeep Liberty
Amount of lift: 2 inches
The details: The Jeep Liberty takes on a whole new persona with a bit of suspension lift, and this kit ensures you'll have one that is even more capable and will stand out from the crowd. It features billet aluminum preload spacers, top-out spacers, and rear coil spacers. It allows for fitment of 256/70R16 tires on 16x7 wheels.
Contact 'em at: Revtek Industries, Dept. FW, 4288 S.E. International Way, Portland, Oregon 97222, 503/659-1650, www.revtekindustries.com

Rough Country
What it fits: '84-'01 Jeep Cherokee
Amount of lift: 4 1/2 inches
The details: Good street ride and good off-highway articulation coexist in this kit, which includes new front coil springs, lower control arms, track-rod bracket (to center the axle) and antiroll-bar brackets, rear blocks and add-a-leaf, U-bolts, transfer case drop kit and four Heckethorn Hydro 8000 shocks. Options include new rear leaf springs.

What it fits: '97-'02 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: This kit includes front and rear lower control arms, coil springs, front and rear track-bar brackets, transfer case lowering system, and Heckethorn Hydro 8000 shocks.
Contact 'em at: Heckethorn Products, Dept. FW, 1445 Highway 51 Bypass East, Dyersburg, Tennessee 38024, 800/222-7023, www.roughcountry.com

Rubicon Express
What it fits: '97-'02 Jeep Wrangler
Amount of lift: 3 inches, 4 1/2 inches, or 5 1/2 inches, depending on kit
The details: The new Extreme-Duty suspension is available in three lift heights. All three feature a long-arm configuration with new high-clearance crossmember, heavy-duty control arms made from heavy-wall 4130 chrome-moly tubing for durability, coil springs, brake lines, all-new control arms, bumpstops, front and rear track bars, antiroll-bar disconnects, drop pitman arm, all required bracketry, and Old Man Emu shocks.

What it fits: '84-'02 Jeep Cherokee
Amount of lift: 5 1/2 inches
The details: Rubicon Express says that this kit is the same basic setup it uses in its JeepSpeed racing Cherokee. It allows for use of 33-inch tires and includes front coils, rear springs, greasable rear shackles, extended brake lines, shocks, front track bar, pitman arm, antiroll-bar relocator, antiroll-bar quick-disconnect end links, and a unique control arm relocation system to preserve proper front-suspension geometry.
Contact 'em at: Rubicon Express, Dept. FW, 3315 Monier Circle, Rancho Cordova, California 95724, 916/858-8575, www.rubiconexpress.com

Skyjacker Suspension
What it fits: '95 1/2-'01 Toyota Tacoma
Amount of lift: 3 inches
The details: This kit boasts front SkyKing coilover shocks that have a patent-pending bracket design that allows the coilover to pivot or rotate smoothly throughout the travel cycle. In addition, the coilovers feature a Heim-style spherical rod end at both the upper and lower mounting positions. This eliminates top-shaft leverage that leads to coil binds that could bend or even break the shaft. This kit comes in two forms. One uses Softride replacement rear springs, while the other uses add-a-leaves. You can choose from H7000 Series Hydro or N8000 Series Nitro shocks for the rear

What it fits: '94-'01 Dodge Ram
Amount of lift: 7 inches
The details: This kit was designed to add articulation to the Dodge Ram's list of attributes, and it does so by using a Long Arm Lift System that allows it to really flex. There are two kits available; one uses front coil springs with dual shocks, while the other uses front SkyKing coilovers. Regardless of which you choose, both kits include rear leaf springs, a new heavy-duty crossmember (it strengthens the support brackets for the lower arm attaching point and allows transfer case and rear driveshaft clearance), a re-indexing ring (rotates the transfer case down for proper driveshaft angle), track bar (with polyurethane bushings at the axle end and a jointed rod end at the upper end), an adjustable track-bar relocation bracket, and Skyjacker's Extreme Drop pitman arm.
Contact 'em at: Skyjacker Suspension, Dept. FW, 212 Stevenson Street, West Monroe, Louisiana 71292, 318/388-0816, www.skyjacker.com

Superlift Suspension
What it fits: '97-'02 Jeep Wrangler
Amount of lift: 6 inches
The details: The complete system includes Rockrunner lower front and rear trailing links that incorporate swivels to enhance articulation, bumpstop extensions, antiroll-bar extensions, new Superide front and rear coil springs, high-density rubber coil spacers, dropped pitman arm, and Superide shock absorbers. The neat thing about this new kit is that it's an upgrade for Superlift's 2- and 4-inch TJ suspensions, so if you're already using one of those kits on your Jeep, getting more lift doesn't require throwing away a bunch of perfectly good components. Further, the kit can be enhanced with Superlift's Rockrunner upgrades. The kit allows for use of 35-inch tires with standard offset rims.

What it fits: 2000-'02 Chevrolet Tahoe/Avalanche, GMC Yukon
Amount of lift: 6 inches
The details: This kit includes all of the components necessary to lower the front suspension and differential components while at the same time retaining the factory suspension angles and steering geometry. A hoop-style double-shock system is standard up front. The rear suspension is lifted using replacement coil springs, and kit options include a skidplate, kicker braces, and a front driveshaft (required for trucks equipped with full-time four-wheel drive).
Contact 'em at: Superlift Suspension Systems, Dept. FW, 300 Huey Lenard Loop Road, West Monroe, Louisiana 71292, 318/397-3000,www.superlift.com

Tera Flex
What it fits: '97-'02 Jeep Wrangler
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: This long-arm kit features some cool stuff like streamlined control-arm bracketry, which mounts between the skidplate and the frame, allowing for easy access to the transfer case. It can be used in conjunction with the factory skidplate, as well as with the TeraFlex Belly Up low-profile skidplate. The complete kit includes FlexArms, coil springs, bumpstops, front antiroll-bar disconnects, steering-box skidplate, transfer case lowering kit, rear antiroll-bar extension kit, rear track-bar bracket kit, front brake line extensions, drop pitman arm, and full instructions. When ordering the items listed, it's important to order one 4T kit and one STL long-arm system kit.

What it fits: '84-'01 Jeep Cherokee
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: Cherokees are plenty capable, but this long-arm kit increases their abilities by allowing for more wheel travel and fitment of 31-inch tires. The kit includes long-arm frame brackets, long FlexArms, leaves for the rear springs, extended rear shackles and a pair of quick-disconnects.
Contact 'em at: Tera Manufacturing, Dept. FW, 8385 S. Allen Street, Unit 115, Sandy, Utah 84070, 801/256-9897, www.teraflx.com

What it fits: '84-'02 Jeep Cherokee
Amount of lift: 8 inches
The details: This tall lift allows for use of 33-inch tires (on 8-inch-wide rims) without fender trimming and 35-inch tires (on 8-inch-wide rims) with fender trimming. The kit includes new coils, leaf springs, upper and lower control arms, tapered axle shims, track-bar drop-down bracket, adjustable track-bar, spring spacers, bumpstops, front-and-rear stainless-steel extended brake lines, transmission control-arm mount, upper control-arm relocator brackets, U-bolts, antiroll-bar disconnects, and drop pitman arm.

What it fits: '97-'02 Jeep Wrangler
Amount of lift: 3 inches
The details: On-road handling and off-road capability are available with this kit, which includes coils, front and rear lower adjustable control arms, antiroll-bar disconnects, rear track-bar relocator, front and rear bumpstops, longer rear antiroll-bar links, stainless-steel extended front brake lines, and transfer case drop brackets.
Contact 'em at: Tomken Inc., Dept. FW, P.O. Box 4939, 752 U.S. Highway 24 North, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211, 719/395-2526, www.tomken.com

Trail Master Suspension
What it fits: '01 Chevrolet/GMC K2500/3500 HD
Amount of lift: 6 inches
The details: This kit offers a true 6-inch lift with factory-set torsion bars, it doesn't require a new front driveshaft, it maintains the factory steering centerlink and upper control arms, and it has easy-to-install torsion-bar drop brackets. It also features CNC-machined cast-iron steering knuckles for strength, aluminum front-axle spacers for correct CV joint engagement, one-piece tubular braces for structural strength, and powdercoating for long-lasting looks and durability.

What it fits: '98-2000 Ford Ranger
Amount of lift: 4 inches
The details: This kit features Trail Master's patent-pending Dual Rack Steering System design, which incorporates a second horizontal steering shaft connected to the OEM shaft via new bracketry. This design lowers the steering system without major modifications. This results in retention of stock steering geometry. The kit includes a choice of shock absorbers in three different designs, specifically matched to the application. All bracketry is powdercoated in Trail Master's silver-vein finish, and the kit comes with all necessary components, hardware, and installation instructions.
Contact 'em at: Trail Master Suspension, Dept. FW, 395 Smitty Way, Suite 200, Corona, California 92879, 888/717-5797, www.trailmastersuspension.com

Truckin Suspension
What it fits: '99-'01 Chevrolet K1500/2500, GMC Sierra
Amount of lift: 6 1/2 inches
The details: No CV bind at full droop is one of the key benefits of this kit, and it comes complete with upper and lower control-arm drop-down brackets, new steering drag link and tie-rod couplers, front differential drop-down brackets, and grade 8 hardware.

What it fits: '01-'02 Chevrolet Avalanche
Amount of lift: 4 1/2-9 1/2 inches, depending on kit
The details: Whether you just want to lift your Avalanche a little or if you want to lift it a lot, this kit contains everything you need to make an Avalanche defy gravity and go up. All of the components are designed to retain the truck's factory geometry.
Contact 'em at: Truckin Suspension, Dept. FW, 65 Quinta Court, Suite E, Sacramento, California 95823, 916/525-1670, www.truckinsuspension.com

Tuff Country
What it fits: '99-'01 Toyota Tundra
Amount of lift: 4 1/2 inches
The details: This kit allows installation of 33x12.50 tires, and this helps to make a great vehicle even better. It retains the use of the stock coils and struts, but uses upper coil and strut spacers. A new complete one-piece lower subframe is used to lower the frontend to proper geometry. Also included are ball-joint spacers, differential drop brackets, steering adapter kit, rear brake proportioning valve bracket, antiroll-bar drop brackets, rear suspension blocks, and U-bolts.

What it fits: 2000-'01 Chevy/GMC K2500 HD
Amount of lift: 6 inches
The details: A custom spindle makes this EZ-Ride kit unique, and it offers a more positive offset on the tire-and-wheel combination, thus not limiting the consumer to a small variety of tire and wheel combinations. Another benefit of this spindle is that its design allows for proper frontend tracking to keep the frontend in the stock position. Tuff Country engineers also integrated the front and rear crossmember into one subframe. Both of these items are said to make the assembly of the kit go much faster than other kits; indeed, Tuff Country says that the kit installs in half the time of other kits. The kit also includes upper differential drop brackets, torsion bar drop blocks, rear blocks, U-bolts, and full-length add-a-leaves.
Contact 'em at: Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension, Dept. FW, 4165 West Nike Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84088, 800/288-2190, www.tuffcountry.com

Whiplash Suspensions
What it fits: '02 Dodge Ram 1500
Amount of lift: 10 inches
The details: For those of you who don't think your new Dodge is aggressive enough, this kit allows for massive lift for an even bigger in-your-face status. The kit includes all front bracketry, all steering components, compression struts, and steel-braided brake lines. Options include a triple-front shock kit, traction bars, front driveshaft, and rear 10-inch-lift leaf springs.

What it fits: '99-'02 Ford Super Duty
Amount of lift: 2, 7, 10 or 12 inches, depending on kit
The details: Whether you want to just level your Super Duty with a 2 inch kit, or whether you want to fit massive meats, these kits cover the full range of choices. Options for the taller kits include dual front shock kits, quad rear shock kits, and traction bars. As with all of Whiplash products, these kits come with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.
Contact 'em at: Whiplash Suspensions, Dept. FW, 2686 North Clovis Avenue, #107, Fresno, California 93727, 866/947-5274,www.whiplashsuspensions.com