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Jeep ZJ Coils On A TJ - Super Cheap

An Inexpensive and High Quality Suspension Upgrade

Verne SimonsPhotographer, Writer

It’s not so much that we are total cheapskates—we hope. We will spend our hard-earned dough on expensive, high-quality parts, but only if we can’t find a cheaper alternative that works almost as well. Can you relate? Generally we shy away from super-inexpensive suspension, steering, and braking components because, well, we want those things to work without a doubt. Spending money there is an investment in living a little longer, but there are exceptions to nearly everything in life. One such case revolves around a pair of front ZJ coils that we literally picked up at the “you-grab-it” junkyard a while back. These springs were on the ground next to a wrecked ZJ that someone else had pulled the front axle out of. They are a little rusty and super cheap at about $20 for the pair. Rumor had it that they would provide a little lift over stock on our beater ’97 TJ with a nose-low stance, and we had to test it out. Follow along as we show you the super-cheap budget result.