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Easy Spicer Ball Joint Swap

One Part Number To Rule Them All

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

If you are like us, there is nothing you hate more than multiple trips to the parts store to complete one project. So we were tickled when we learned that Dana now offers a kit (PN 2020314) for ’99 and later Ford Super Duty front axles that includes not only upper and lower ball joints but also all the related seals that tend to get hashed during installation.

We grabbed a kit and headed to High Rollin Customs to install new ball joints on a lifted F-250 with 38-inch Toyo Open Country M/Ts on 22-inch BMF rims. Add a heavy 7.3L diesel engine to the large tire and wheel combination, and ball joints don’t last very long in this truck. Symptoms of worn ball joints can include vague steering, cupped tires, and even the dreaded death wobble.

High Rollin Customs services trucks like this on a regular basis. With all of the parts on hand from Dana, lead tech Joe Magliano was able to complete the installation in half a day without having to make any trips to the parts store, or to Ford for the dealer-only axle seals.