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2014 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Long-Travel Install - Baja Ready Bow Tie

Baja Kits Turns This Chevy Into a Raptor Killer

Matt EmeryPhotographer, Writer

So your buddy has a Raptor and he’s putting you to shame on that whooped-out section of your favorite trail. Fair enough. The Raptor is a very capable machine, but you say that you’ve always been a Bow Tie guy and as such are getting pretty tired of him trash talking you and your Chevy Silverado. Never fear, help is on the way.

Baja Kits now offers their Prerunner Kit, which is a mid-travel system that will allow you to not only keep pace with your buddy but to outshine the Raptor in the gnarlies.

According to Baja Kits, their system was specifically designed to outperform a Ford Raptor while retaining excellent on-road handling all by bolting on to your Chevy Silverado. Yeah, we’ve all heard the one about “bolts right on,” but the crew at Baja Kits has a long history of building some very hard-core racing rigs. You may know them better as Brenthel, builder of Baja-winning trucks and cars that have run the Dakar.

They used their engineering prowess to produce the only ’14 Chevy mid-travel suspension system to use Trophy Truck-grade uniballs and hardware on both the heavy-duty steel upper and lower arms that make up the kit.

When installed, the Baja Kits system will give the Chevy a tad over 13 inches of wheel travel and be equipped with a high-quality King Racing 2.0 or 3.0 coilover shock. This is not a “lift kit,” this is a suspension system that has its basis in hard-core off-road racing.

A few things to know about this install though: There are certain things that this owner wanted for his Chevy that are actually upgrades from the basic Baja Kits package. One is the tie rod. This install shows the upgraded Baja Kits tie rod. The standard kit includes a CNC-machined extension that fits onto the stock tie rod. While this modification does work, for those who are looking to really punish their trucks, Baja Kits recommends that their upgraded Heim joint–equipped tie rod is the way to go.

Second, you’ll notice that the stock fenders have been replaced with wider Fiberwerx fenders. This is so the suspension can utilize all of the travel that the kit can offer and for the larger Falken tires/Method Race Wheel combination to have the room it needs. Third, the stock front bumper has been swapped out for the Baja Kits valance. The new Baja Kits’ valance looks better and provides some protection for underneath the truck.

This install will only cover the front installation, but know that Baja Kits also has a rear kit that consists of new King 2.5 shocks, leaf springs, and related hardware. Paired with the Baja Kits frontend kit, it will give the Silverado the travel and feel of a true prerunner—one that is actually capable of prerunning Baja courses.

And one that has the ability to put your Raptor driving buddy in the weeds.