Early Bronco Suspension Refresh

    Credence Bronco Suspension Revival

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    Bronco Suspension Revival
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    In the off-road industry, some company names are undeniably linked to the vehicle manufacturer they support. We all know Budweiser makes beer and Coke makes cola. Well, if you know off-road, you know that James Duff and the Ford Bronco are forever twinned. James Duff is a company named after the guy who started when products to support the off-road lifestyle were few. With the introduction of the Ford Bronco in 1966, the vehicle's off-road potential was quickly realized and Duff was right there fixing the weak points and upgrading what could be made better (he started to sell Bronco parts in 1967). To this day, the name and the company continues to be synonymous with quality parts for the Ford Bronco.

    Our 1969 Bronco is many things, but mostly it really is (or was) a neglected magazine project vehicle in need of much love. Over the past two years or so we've spent time, sweat, money, and elbow grease trying to bring it back to glory. James Duff has been a part of that plan from the beginning. You see, 'round about the year 2000, a prototype long-arm suspension from James Duff had been installed on it. That suspension has since become one of the iconic part numbers in the company's catalog. When we decided to revamp this former 4WOR project, we once again reached out to James Duff. The company wanted the prototype parts back for posterity, and we wanted new shocks, springs, and polyurethane components so the old Bronco would ride like new.

    Initially our plan was to get the Bronco running and driving quickly, but since we found a little more rust than expected, the project turned into a full teardown and resto-mod, of which we are still in the throes. We have crossed one bridge, which was using the suspension parts from James Duff to revitalize the boing in the Bronco. This, with a little paint and a few more hours of reassembly, should help put the buck back in our Bronco.