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MadMaxxis Off-RoadRunner Part 2

Fred WilliamsPhotographer, Writer

Building a 4-wheel-drive muscle car just because we are huge fans of the Mad Max movie franchise is one of the craziest projects we’ve ever undertaken at 4WOR, and that’s coming from the guys who built the double-ended Jeep Wrangler back in 2012! This 1973 Plymouth RoadRunner is going to be nuts. The car (in stock form) has no real frame but is akin to a Jeep Cherokee with a unibody design, and we are planning on stuffing a big heavy V-8 engine in this beast, so plenty of structural upgrades are needed. Plus, it’s pretty rusty. Not East Coast rusty where the roads are salted in winter, but still pretty bad in the eyes of most Californians. That’s probably why we could buy it so cheap after it had been on Craigslist for weeks.

So we started with a rusty old pile of Mopar and drug it to Chappelle’s Exhaust and Kustoms in El Cajon, California, where we began the destruction before the construction. The goal was simple: Build something cool and fill it with tires from Maxxis. Maxxis had a new mud tire coming out and was willing (or crazy enough) to sign up as a partner on this build. It couldn’t be a better fit. We need big tires, and calling the project the Mad Maxxis Off-RoadRunner just makes sense.

This month we’ll dive into more of the build, but you can see all the action on Dirt Every Day presented by 4Wheel Parts on the Motor Trend Channel on YouTube and on the new MotorTrendOnDemand.com website.