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Nuts & Bolts - Fix for Ford 6.0L Oil Cooler

Trenton McGeeWriterTrenton McGeePhotographer

Ford 6.0L Oil Coolers
I have a 2005 Ford F-250. It has oil coolant problems. I have just installed an oil cooler that I got off of Amazon, and my oil temp is still high. Can you recommend or suggest a good or cooler that I can go with for the second time to fix my problem?
Via nuts@4wheeoffroad.com

The 6.0L diesel engine in your 2005 F-250 is known to be problematic, with oil and EGR cooler failures topping the list of problems. You are right to be concerned about your truck’s high engine oil temps, as this can lead to more failures downstream, including the EGR cooler, injectors, turbo, and even head gaskets. Replacing the oil cooler with a factory Ford unit only prolongs the time until the unit fails again. The fundamental problem is that the coolant passages in the factory oil-to-water intercooler are very small, so particulates and debris in the coolant clog up the passages and compromise the unit’s ability to do its job. The oil cooler is also pretty well buried in the engine, and as you’ve already discovered, going cheap often leads to doing an already tough job twice.

Fortunately there are several aftermarket remedies available to solve your problem once and for all. Bulletproof Diesel offers a heavy-duty oil cooler upgrade that our sister publication Diesel Power has covered in the past. You can find the article on the Truck Trend Super Site at "Bullet Proof Diesel’s Ford Super Duty 6.0L Oil Cooler - Diesel Tech". The nice thing about this upgrade is that, aside from a much better oil cooler, it also includes a coolant filter that helps protect the new oil cooler and prevents the problem from recurring. We’ve had excellent luck with Bulletproof products in the past and highly recommend going this route. Even though it is expensive, you will save on future repair cost, not to mention frustration.

A less costly option was recommended by our friends at Diesel Power Products (dieselpowerproducts.com) with the company’s PPE upgraded oil cooler, though they, too, strongly recommended adding a coolant filter at the same time. Regardless of which option you choose, we would strongly encourage you to replace the EGR cooler at the same time because it’s not much more work and you’re right there. Both companies offer a host of upgrade options for the EGR cooler as well.