Shop Fans That Move Air: Flex-a-Lite 1000 Airmover and Flex-a-Chill 3000 Airmover

Shop Groupie

Verne SimonsPhotographer, Writer

Shop groupies. Every 4x4 shop has at least one. This’s the guy or gal who spends lots of time hanging out at your favorite shop trying to get better prices on parts or labor, trying to learn the tricks of the trade, wanting to help out, wasting time, or generally avoiding the stress of real life. These human shop fans can be a great help or a true annoyance for those actually working in the shop, but either way they are not the focus of this story. We bumped into a different kind of versatile shop fan at the SEMA Show and thought it deserved a more in-depth look.

Just about anyone in the automotive industry has heard of Flex-a-Lite, maker of various products like fans, radiators, oil coolers, heaters, and more. Given the company’s parts and knowledge of the air movement (fluid dynamics) associated with vehicle-mounted applications, shop fans were a logical avenue for Flex-a-lit explore. With a few different parts and an idea, the company was able to add a few new part numbers and enter a new niche of the aftermarket automotive industry, and they did so with a bunch of innovation and useful additions that a cheap box fan lacks.

We got our hands on two fans, which Flex-a-Lite calls Airmovers, and that’s OK with us because that’s what they do. We grabbed and used the Flex-a-Chill 1000 and 3000 Airmovers, two fans perfect for lots of jobs in our Arizona home shop. The applications are numerous, and these things are built to last even in a professional shop. Check it out.