Got a Hi-Lift? Here’s What Else You Need

Products to Make Your Jack More Functional

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

Hi-Lift jacks are ubiquitous on trail rigs, and for good reason. They are tall enough to raise vehicles on 40-inch tires and lift from the chassis, allowing you access to the tires, suspension, and axles. Still, there is room for improvement. Did you know that there is an entire cottage industry devoted to making your Hi-Lift more functional, including bases to keep your jack from sinking, straps so you don’t have to lift as high, and attachments to mate the jack’s foot to a variety of different surfaces? Yup.

Another segment of the market is dedicated to safely storing your Hi-Lift jack when it’s not in use. These jacks are big and heavy, so they can’t exactly store under the seat like a puny factory bottle jack. The goal is to find a mounting location that is secure and safe, yet provides easy access when you need to use your Hi-Lift. There are mounts to secure the jack to your bumper or rollcage or even the cowl of your Jeep. The best part about all of these products is that they’re all reasonably priced, offering a lot of bang for the buck.

The normal base on the Hi-Lift works fine on hard ground, but it can sink in soft sand, snow, or mud. We’ve seen people use everything from plywood to floormats, but Hi-Lift’s molded Off-Road Base is a more elegant solution. The Off-Road Base more than doubles the surface area of the jack while capturing the factory base to ensure that it doesn’t move. Info: Bloomfield Mfg., 800.233.2051,

A ratchet strap is a helpful tool to keep your suspension from drooping too much if you need to lift a tire off the ground with your Hi-Lift. Conversely, if you need to replace a coil spring that has popped out of its bucket, use your Hi-Lift without a strap to extend the suspension.

The Lift-Mate is a genuine Hi-Lift accessory that allows the vehicle to be lifted directly from the wheel, which is perfect for many new vehicles with plastic bumpers. The Lift-Mate greatly reduces the amount of travel up the jack bar needed to lift the wheel to an adequate and safe height. Make sure the Lift-Mate is centered and the brakes are applied so the wheel doesn’t try to rotate when it is lifted. Info: Bloomfield Mfg., 800.233.2051,

Hate rattles? Daystar created this polyurethane jack handle isolator to provide convenient, rattle-free storage for the jack handle by sliding over the main bar of the jack and the handle itself. Available in a variety of colors, the Daystar handle isolator is both inexpensive and convenient. Info: Daystar Mfg., 800.595.7659,

Slee’s Jac-Kof slides over the foot of your Hi-Lift to fit ARB Bull Bars, tube sliders, and recovery points safely and securely. The Jac-Kof also comes with an axle strap and wheel strap to safely lift any vehicle, solving several potential problems with one convenient product. Info: Slee Off-Road, 888.494.7533,

Bolt Lock’s J-Mount bracket mounting attaches your Hi-Lift securely to the side of your Jeep Wrangler TJ or JK. The one-key technology permanently programs the lock to the Jeep owner’s ignition key, eliminating the need for extra keys. The vertical J-Mount is designed to bolt into the existing window bracket holes on either the driver or passenger side just in front of the side mirrors. Info: Bolt Lock, 844.972.7547,

Rugged Ridge’s Off-Road Jack Mounting Bracket Kit allows you to carry your Hi-Lift on the outside of your vehicle, saving precious cargo space. The kit allows for a fast and easy bolt-on installation and is compatible with stock rear bumpers along with most aftermarket rear bumpers, including the Rugged Ridge XHD rear bumper with or without a tire carrier. The bracket is sturdy and secures the jack in two locations to eliminate vibration noise during vehicle operation. Info: Rugged Ridge, 770.614.6101,

The Fourtreks billet aluminum Hi-Lift mounts are as stylish as they are functional. Various sizes are available from 3/4- to 2 1/4-inch tubing, as well as options for many factory roof racks including Toyota FJ Cruisers and Nissan Xterras. The Fourtreks mounts can be installed at any angle and make the Hi-Lift easy to access through the use of wing nuts or optional billet knobs. Info: Fourtreks, 818.517.6145,