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    Do lift kits level the truck and take out the factory rake, or can I assume the truck will sit with the same nose-down angle once the lift is installed?
    Gordon J.

    It depends. Most of the time lift kit manufacturers will level the truck as part of a lift kit because most consumers want to even out the truck’s stance when they lift it. However, that’s not the case 100 percent of the time, so it’s always a good idea to ask when you’re lift shopping. Sometimes it also depends on which rear lift method is used. Most 6-inch kits will use a 4-inch rear lift block, for example, but often rear springs are advertised as only an inch shorter than the front lift. Rear lift springs also tend to be a little taller to help retain some load-carrying capacity. Most of the reputable lift manufacturers will indicate actual rear lift height in their product literature, even if it’s somewhere in the fine print.