Adding Longer Radius Arms to a 1994 Ford Bronco

    Nuts & Bolts: Long-Arm TTB

    I have a 1994 Bronco with a TTB frontend. I acquired a set of extended radius arms for free. I already have a 6-inch lift and all the drop brackets, so I would just be adding the longer arms. Is it worth the work?
    Evan M.

    Absolutely. The stock Ford TTB radius arms are made of thin stamped steel and are comically short. They work fine with stock suspension, but once lifted the arms seriously inhibit suspension travel. The longer radius arms improve suspension travel, reduce bushing wear, and just plain look better.

    The one question is which combination of frame brackets you are supposed to use with the longer arms. Some aftermarket radius arm designs involve relocating the stock radius arm mount on the frame, some have their own frame brackets, and some use a combination of the factory mount with a shorter drop bracket. If possible, see if you can get the mounts from the same source that's giving you the radius arms, or at least look at the frame and see what mounts were used. If not, try and identify the manufacturer of the arms and see if you can find a copy of the installation instructions. These instructions should tell you what mounting configuration was used and the measurements needed to relocate the brackets on the frame.

    Don't forget to install some new bushings with your new-to-you arms, and you can count on needing an alignment once the arms are installed.

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