Tuesdays SEMA 2015 Top 10 New Products

    Cool Stuff We Thought You Would Like

    Matt EmeryPhotographer, Writer

    With SEMA being all about the new and cool, we naturally hit every new product we can find. Some are ingenious while some just make us scratch our head and try figure out what the “inventor” was thinking.

    Bartact makes this tailgate panel that has Velcro pouches and other things that stick to it. That way, you can configure it any way you wish.

    The Warrior Hi-Lift mounts make is easy to mount your jack wherever you want and best of all, they’re locking so nobody can make off with it.

    The Micro-Start XP-10 was rated the #1 jump start system by Consumer Reports, and it’s small enough to easily fit into your truck. Maybe stick it to your Bartact tailgate panel?

    Since oversize wheels/tires don’t fit there anymore, the stock spare tire mounting are is now wasted space, but as this new Titan Fuel Tank is designed to fit where the spare tire fits, it’s perfect for that long haul.

    New from Pro Comp is this Performance Suspension system for the F-150. It comes with uppers, lowers, and shocks for the front and rear components too. It eve comes with fender extensions to keep the mud off your paint!

    The Right Stuff has the brake lines you may need for your 99-02 Chevy pickup.

    Another cool fuel-tank-where-you’d-least-expect-it is this tool box/fuel tank from Transfer Flow.

    Shaped like a wedding cake, this tool organizer from Red Baron places your tool s within easy reach. It spins, has trays and cubbie’s and is generally designed to make working on your ride easy.

    BFGoodrich has take their line of Baja AT’s and shrunk them down to SxS size. These look like the perfect size for the new Yamaha YXZ.

    Speaking of the YXZ, Gibson has designed a new exhaust system for the Yamaha YXZ

    And now for something unexpected: these seat covers are camo AND have zombie faces in the design! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.