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Sterling Reputation - Axle Upgrade Options

Why You Should Consider A Ford Axle For Your Next Project

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

We have always had a bit of a contrarian streak. Maybe it was listening to too much Rage Against the Machine while growing up or always being told something could not be done. Whatever the cause, when it came time to sling a 1-ton axle under the rear of our latest Ford project, everyone recommended the venerable GM 14-bolt. So what did we go and do? We built a Sterling 10.5 axle that came under the rear of a Ford Super Duty.

How does a Sterling 10.5 stack up against a 14-bolt?

The main motivation was to match the metric bolt pattern (8x170 mm) on the front Dana 60 we are using, but the Sterling axle has other things going for it as well. While at Bayshore Truck adding Sierra gears and a Detroit Locker to our Sterling axle, we took the opportunity to see how it stacks up against the GM 14-bolt. You might be surprised at what we found.

1. We called up West Coast Differentials for a Detroit Locker and a 5.13 ring-and-pinion and install kit from Sierra Gear & Axle and stuffed them all under a heavy-duty cover from Ballistic Fabrication. WCD stocks everything you need for Sterling axles, 14-bolts, and most other applications.