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Five-Speed Overhaul - Part 2

Late-model manual rebuild

Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

If you don’t recall, we recently talked about how the manual transmission in our ’01 Wrangler was kaput in “ Five-Speed Overhaul, Pt. 1,” (Oct. ’12). It was hard to shift, would occasionally pop out of gear, and occasionally had no Reverse. We also discussed some of the things we tried to do to fix it before finally turning to the pros at Orange County Transmission.

Trasborg’s wanderlust got the better of him right after writing that article. So he then took the Jeep wheeling. A lot. After a trip over the Rubicon, to the Hammers, and the Oceano dunes, he’s settled down enough to write the second installation. So, without further ado, here are some more up-close and personal tech tips. By the way, the tranny and clutch are still doing fine even after all the on- and off-road miles. We’ll let you know in another 100,000 miles how it’s doing.