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    Jay KopycinskiWriterKing ShocksPhotographer

    Beadlock wheels can often be the perfect answer when you want to allow yourself to run ultralow tire pressures or when you’re running and cornering hard, and need a means to ensure the outer tire bead doesn’t get pushed off the wheel bead. Of course, when this happens, rapid tire deflation follows and mayhem can result.

    Along with the expense of adding beadlocks comes some bit of work to get tires properly mounted on them so that they roll true and you maximize safety of the assembled wheel and tire. Additionally, much has been discussed in the off-road world about the legality of beadlocks on public highways, so we’ll leave that to readers to determine if your local or state laws might prevent you from running such wheels on the road.

    In any case, it’s important to note some safety measures that should be followed when using beadlock wheels that don’t often apply to standard wheels. You’re essentially using several dozen bolts to secure an outer metal ring to the wheel to retain the outer tire bead and keep it secured against the inflation pressure inside. There’s a lot of energy stored here and careless treatment can cause wheel failure or personal injury.

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