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OR-Fab Swing Away Spare Tire Carrier - Spare The Rattle

Wrangler Big-Spare Solution

The biggest tire that a YJ ever came with from the factory was a 30x9.50. And the TJ and JK factory tire sizes aren’t much bigger, even for the Rubicon models. Our point is: That’s not a lot of weight to leverage off a stock Wrangler tailgate. But once you put a 33- or 35-inch tire on the factory mount, the tailgate hinges and latch aren’t going to be long for this world. And with all the vibration and rattling that’ll be coming from the back of the Jeep, neither is your sanity. And if you’re running 37s or 39s, you don’t have a prayer of fitting a spare on the tailgate anyway.

Most aftermarket Wrangler rear bumpers can be had with a spare tire mount, but have you priced some of them lately? Many are in excess of $1,000. And we hate to break it to ya, but a lot of ’em still rattle and clang. That’s why we like OR-Fab’s Swing Away Spare Tire Carrier. It’s available for all Wrangler models from YJ to JK and can be had with or without mounting provisions for multiple 5-gallon fuel canisters and a Hi-Lift jack. We ordered a non-canister YJ carrier (PN86095) and let our buddy, Jay Miller, install it on a ’90s Wrangler. It’s not exactly a super-quick install, but there’s only a little drilling required and the finished product is well worth the extra effort. Once it’s installed, you can hang up to a 39-inch spare tire off of it with no vibration or rattling and still have easy access to the tailgate.