How to Mount a Tire on a Beadlock Wheel

    Mounting General Tires X3s on BattleBorn GateKeeper Beadlocks

    Mounting tires on beadlock wheels is something that just about anyone can do and with a few tips and tricks it can be downright easy if not tedious (there are a ton of bolts!). Here's what we do, and while doing 4 or 5 tires and wheels may become tedious, it's got to happen and having the system honed down to a well-oiled machine is going to save you precious minutes that you could spend wheeling. Check it out.

    What you need:

    These are the items you'll need to get your tires mounted on to beadlock wheels. Wheels, tires, soapy water or window cleaner, a valve stem seating tool, a 5-Gallon bucket, ratchet and socket (most beadlock wheels use 5/16 bolts that have a 1/2-inch head), torque wrench, and a source of compressed air.

    The first step in mounting tires on beadlock wheels is to insert the valve stem in the wheel. This is often overlooked. To do this you will need a valve stem seating tool available at almost any auto parts store.

    With the valve stem mounted in your beadlock wheel spray the tires inside (back) bead bundle and beadlock outer ring with plenty of soapy water.

    Now lay the tire on the wheel. Part of the tire should slip over the beadlock mounting face of the wheel. Use your weight and muscles to stretch that inner bead bundle over the beadlock mounting surface.

    With the tires inner bead over the beadlock wheels you should have something like this. If you are mounting up aluminum wheels the beadlock mounting surface may have a machined shoulder that you have to get the tire's outer bead bundle around before you can install the ring. Use a rubber dead blow to stretch the bead bundle ever so slightly so it slips over the machined shoulder.

    Finally we are going to use that 5-gallon bucket. Flip it over and get the tire and wheel on to the bucket like a round miniature work bench

    Now you can start installing the retaining bolts following the instructions basically you want to put the first four or 8 bolts in the wheel in a star pattern with bolts opposite each other.

    Use a ratchet to get all the bolts snug tightening in a star pattern. We try to use the bolt closest to the valve stem as a starting point. Then count the number of bolts and divide in half to be sure you have the bolt directly across from that one (in our case 16 bolts of the 32 total) then count 8 more bolts and 16 to get the two bolts that are 90 degrees to the one you started with.

    Once all the bolts are snug use a torque wrench and follow the star pattern described above, tightening in stages to the torque specs in the instructions. In our case the BattleBorn wheels called for 10lb/ft followed by 18lb/fts respectively.

    Once the torque specs are met on each bolt we like to soap up the tires inner bead bundle and inner rim of the wheel. This helps the bundle seal against the wheel. You may have to push on the back of the wheel to help seal the tire against the wheel so air will stay inside the tire/wheel

    Last fill the tire with air.

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