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Dirt 'N Drive Starts now!

Dirt ’N Drive is here!

Don’t know what Dirt ’N Drive is? It’s our annual road and dirt-trail wheeling trip from Las Vegas to Moab just in time to catch the Easter Jeep Safari. Last year, Jeep was our title sponsor, and it was our inaugural run with more than 75 Jeeps participating in a three-day tour. This year, Jeep returns as the title sponsor, and we have more than 100 Jeeps cruising the same direction on different trails and roads and taking a four leisurely days to get it all done, starting with the sponsor show in Las Vegas. We hand-select all of the applicants to make sure they have the right safety and recovery equipment on their Jeep, but even stock Jeeps can participate and have fun along the way.

By the time you read this in the magazine, the event will be over. But even though you won’t be reading it in the magazine until next month, you can look for the stories online at fourwheeler.com/jp-dirt-n-drive and check out the videos and more. Our Facebook page (facebook.com/jpmag) will already be overflowing with all of the latest photos on every Jeep to attend. This year, our hashtag for everyone posting on social channels is #JPDND17. We even have a modified Poker Challenge during the trip where we hand out playing cards for the best social posts of a selected object on the trail. The winner will get free registration to next year’s Dirt ’N Drive! Check out #JPDND17POKER to see the cool stuff our participants shot.

If you are interested in going on next year’s trip, keep watching for the official registration site to be set up before the end of this year. Watch our website and Facebook pages for updates and cool comments throughout the year. If you have ideas on routes and where to go, let us know. Also, if you want to help by hosting an area, that may be a possibility. Maybe we take Dirt ’N Drive to the East Coast? Start in Toledo? These are all possibilities we talk about, so if you have some great ideas, let us know at jpeditor@jpmagazine.com. We’ll be waiting for your feedback!

Rick Péwé