Ford F Series Trucks Surpass 2012 Sales

The Best Selling Trucks in the Business

Ford Motor Company just announced yesterday that its F-Series pickup truck sales have surpassed 645,316 units, the total number of trucks they sold in 2012. On average, one F-Series pickup sells every 42 seconds. That’s an astounding figure but it shouldn’t come as a surprise with all the technology that Ford has built into its trucks in the past couple of years which have really helped them become really popular among new truck buyers. At this rate, the F-Series trucks are on Track to be the best –selling vehicle in the United States of America for 37 years, 32 of which are also in a row. The F-Series trucks are also on pace to set the highest yearly sales total since 2006.

In October alone, F-Series sales rose 13 percent to 63,803, the sixth-straight month above the 60,000-vehicle mark. The last time Ford sold this many trucks was in 2006 before the economic downturn. On top of that, the F-Series trucks are outselling their nearest competitor by more than 65 percent in western markets. From 2008 to 2013, more F-Series trucks were sold in California than any other state other than Texas who still outsells the rest of the country. Ford F-Series truck sales have also gone up in Texas with a growth of 27 percent since 2008, up to 500,000 trucks.

Ford continues to outpace the competition, growing a sales gap over the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500 despite significantly new changes.

“Through October, our leadership margin is nearly 220,000 units over Chevrolet Silverado and 67,000 over Silverado and GMC Sierra combined,” said Scott. “F-Series has outsold Ram by more than 330,000 units in the first 10 months of 2013, almost 50,000 more trucks than the gap a year ago.

“Despite new entries from our competitors, truck consumers continue to vote us No. 1 – day in and day out – with their checkbooks,” said Scott. “In 2013, F-Series had the highest owner loyalty, and we’ve won the R.L. Polk Automotive Loyalty award in the mid- and full-size pickup category 15 times in the last 17 years.”

Although we’re impressed by the fact that Ford is on track to surpassing their truck sales numbers before the economic downturn, we’re a little more interested in seeing what Ford is going to respond back with to both Chevy and Ram’s latest truck lineup. We’re really hoping they don’t do away with the Ford F150 SVT Raptor for the next redesign and with any luck, we’ll see more blue oval trucks designed to hit the dirt!

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