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Mud Girl of The Year - The Pit

Niki Tilley

Kevin McNultyPhotographer, Writer

2013 has blown by so quickly that I’m sitting here scratching my head just trying to think about what went on—the entire year is a blur! However, the one fact I’m sure about is that this issue of Mud Life is our second annual Mud Girl Special. I’m not sure how anyone could forget that! We’ve been roaming state to state in search of the hottest Mud Girls we could find and sweatin’ it out in the Florida humidity while Ricky B has been hitting the races and events in North Carolina.

The girls we’ve found we certainly think you will like—who wouldn’t? Check out our centerfold and Throttle Queen winner of the year, Niki Tilley. Ricky made the right choice at Weekend of Insanity when he picked her as queen. She’s an avid outdoorswoman and into racing, muddin’, hunting, and just about anything a person could think of doing outdoors.

Then we have our bevy of girl/truck features and assorted lovely ladies featured throughout the pages of Mud Life. All these beautiful women are in addition to the incredible race action, event shenanigans, and insightful technical articles we have in store for you. Read on and enjoy. We’ll see you out there.

Kevin McNulty