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What Do You Want To See? - The Pit

Getting ready for 2014

It’s the start of the year and we’re sitting down planning and scheming for the rest of 2014, but we would like a little help from you our loyal readers. Mud Life magazine wouldn’t be the huge success it is without your support. So we want your input on how to best complete the rest of the year.

First, which events are we missing and where would you like to see us? And yes, this means input from you event owners too! Now, you’ll have to take that with a grain of salt because we can’t be everywhere at once and most of the larger events are held on major holiday weekends. That means our staff and handful of trusty freelancers are already stretched thin, but we’ll do our damndest to get the coverage you would like to see. Send us the information on your events as soon as you can, and we’ll try and work them into our schedule.

Secondly what music reviews, tech topics, product reviews, and projects would you like to see us workin’ on for 2014? Fabrications, product reviews, big horsepower, suspension tech? We know we are running a lot of 2½- and 5-ton axle, but hey, that’s the meat and potatoes of the mud world. However, we know that everyone doesn’t have the cash to plop down for those axles and has to make do with what they have. Send us a list of what you would like to see tested, and we’ll check it out and try and break it before you spend your hard-earned money on it!

We worked some 1-ton axle tech into this issue, so check out the locker and axleshaft install on page 28. Keep in mind that although we installed the locker on a Dana 60, the same parts are available for Dana 44s, 30s, 80s, and Ford axles.

We’ve had a fricken blast in 2013 roaming the nation and gathering the best mud action and event coverage we could find. We’d like to thank all the folks we’ve met during the year for showing our staff a great time, hanging out partying, and helping us gather features, tech, and girls. We’re looking forward to an action-packed 2014 full of top-name artist and music reviews, trucks, girls, and big-time mud events.

We’ll see you out there.

Send your questions or requests editor@MudLifeMagazine.com