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Atta Boy, Moab

Just back from a three-week trip to Moab. It’s been on my bucket list for a while and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, the trip exceeded expectations on every level. That’s why I wanted to give the people of Moab a public “atta boy.” Here’s why: In a world where four-wheel driving and four-wheel drivers are often looked upon with the same sort of disdain usually reserved for cigarette smokers, it is refreshing to go to a place where ’wheeling is recognized as a viable and legitimate pastime. To be able to run very challenging trails on public lands with impunity is a real treat. The cherry on top of the sundae was the respect ’wheelers show for the privilege. In 10 days of ’wheeling on routes like Hell’s Revenge, Poison Spider, and Steel Bender, we picked up a half a dozen empty cans. That impressed me. It looks like a two-way street. Moab respects ’wheelers, and in return ’wheelers respect Moab. Win freakin’ win. Nice job, Moab. Thanks.

David Kincaid
Vancouver, BC

David, congrats on notching off one for the bucket list. Moab is great for sure. We’ve enjoyed countless trips to this mecca and it has never disappointed. We’re glad to hear you did your part to clean up where others failed to and that you came up close to empty-handed in your efforts. One of the graces of this wonderful 4x4 destination is most visitors pack out what they packed in. The negligently placed cans you did pick up were left by idiots who don’t deserve to operate whatever vehicle they may have been operating at the time -- mountain bike, motorcycle, UTV, 4x4, hiking legs, or whatever. They don’t appreciate where they are, where they’ve been, or how they are perceived by others. The people of Moab do not appreciate this type of behavior, but they do enjoy catering to people such as you, David, and others who take responsibility for the mindless few who would willingly litter the last of our great lands still left open for public vehicular use. Thanks for writing, David. ’Wheel on, friend.

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