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Focusing On-Line - The Pit

A message from the editor

Ever since the first few automotive enthusiast magazines were published, print was the media of choice for anything relevant in an industry. Detailed technical articles and long, drawn-out stories were the key to selling magazines back then, but thanks to the rapid rise of the Digital Age and the power of the Internet, information is much easier to obtain and consume with far less effort needed from the end user. We know that a detailed multipage tech article can never compare to a 5-minute how-to video on YouTube, but when you package it up with a ton of other great Southern lifestyle stories like we do, a great magazine just can’t be beat. The team behind Mud Life feel that we have a great brand and lifestyle that just can’t be portrayed well enough in 72 pages, so we are redirecting our focus to the online world, where we can give you more! We will be sprinkling some content into upcoming Four Wheeler magazines in order to keep the ML name in print, but the majority of our stories will be coming at you on MudLifeMagazine.com.

Most of our readers are DIY off-roaders who spend hours wrenching away on their rigs. There is usually no fancy truck shop for these guys to build their trucks at either. For a hardcore four-wheeler, a few basic tools in the garage can get the job done—and it probably won’t be finished until just a few hours before the next event. We know that past issues of Mud Life have inspired a few really great mega truck builders to finish their uncompleted rigs. So as you sit on your workbench drinkin’ a beer and taking a break from your project truck, flip through the next few pages and we’re sure you will get that motivation to pick up that grinder and get back to it. We are only in the beginning of the nationwide mega truck movement, so if you want to be a part of this crazy ride, pick up a welder and build something!