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Top 20 Vintage Off-Road Rigs of the 2014 SEMA Show

Our Favorite Old Iron Rigs at SEMA

Agustin JimenezPhotographer, Writer

There’s nothing like vintage iron rigs built to the hilt to get your gear head salivary glands drooling up a storm. While we still prefer to see them in their natural setting out on the trail, it’s great to check them out in their purest form around other high end builds to really appreciate all the fabrication, blood, sweat and tears that go into these off-road beasts.

This year we saw a few cool Jeep FC-170’s, as well as some awesome Early Broncos and even a gnarly long travel Chevy Blazer prerunner with all the right stuff. There was no shortage of clean restored Flatties scattered throughout the show floor but we think we’ve found some of the coolest vintage off-road rigs of the 2014 SEMA Show.

The SEMA Show is pretty difficult to navigate and getting a clear shot of a cool rig can be just about impossible with the crowds that inevitably hang around near all the cool rigs. Luckily we’re not very shy about getting the right shot. We fought the crowds to capture some of the coolest old iron rigs for your viewing pleasure. Did we pick your favorite Jeep, truck or 4x4?

Check out all the vintage iron off-road rigs we found while walking around at this year’s SEMA Show!

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