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Dirt Every Day: Episode 35 - Ballistic Bronco Build

Building a Big Block Bronco for the Tactical World

Off-road rigs and guns go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’re pretty cool on their own but together they make for an awesome combination so it’s no surprise that when the Editor of Recoil, Iain Harrison needed a competent 4x4 rig to take out to the range or in the deserts of Arizona, he decided to partner up with Fred Williams, Host of Dirt Every Day to build a gnarly tactical rig that could wheel hard and carry all the firepower needed to have a blast in the desert.

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred and Iain take an old big block powered ’79 Ford Bronco and turn it into a competent off-road warrior for the tactical world. The first stop is 4 Wheel Parts to give the old Bronco a few upgrades like bigger wheels and tires, a roof rack, some seats and even some off-road lighting. After that, Fred and Iain take the Bronco down to Gibson Performance Exhaust to get a custom exhaust kit built for the Ballistic Bronco to let the engine breath a little better. As if that wasn’t enough, the guys pull out all the stops and build some heavy duty bumpers and even a machine gun mount to have even more power out in the desert.

Check out this episode of Dirt Every Day to see how the Ballistic Bronco turned out!