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And The Winner Is… - The Word

Determining the 2014 Driver of the Year

Matt EmeryPhotographer, Writer

With the year coming to a close, things are coming to a head regarding the various racing series. Which means that we’re getting close to determining who our Driver of the Year is going to be.

While there have been a few drivers who have been cleaning up in their respective classes, most notably Kyle Leduc, Jason Voss, and Loren Healy, there are a few dark horse candidates who have had great seasons as well.

We will be waiting until the end of the season to go over the results of every series before we even try to make a decision. We foresee a few late nights and empty pizza boxes before any decision is made.

First, we will look to see if the driver truly dominated their series; that means looking at who they were up against and how they fared in last year’s competition. That way, we will be able to determine if the driver in question was just beating up on the same group as they had done last year, or if they really had a stellar, even a breakout, year.

Next, we’ll determine if they had to overcome any obstacles on the way to their winning season. Did they change anything from last season that made the difference in how they performed this year? Did they put in the long hours it takes to be a champion? Was it a matter of years of hard work gelling into a championship season?

Sometimes the series champion is not the driver who won the most races, but is the one who worked the hardest, overcame adversity, tried the hardest, and wanted it the most. We’ll take those factors into consideration, too. America loves someone who, when down, picks himself up off the ground and gives it everything he has to win. We do too.

We also know that we can’t be at every race and every event. That’s where you come in.

We would like to know who you would nominate for Driver of the Year.

You can let us know by going to our Facebook pages (Dirt Sports + Off-Road and Dirt Sport Nation).

Like you, we have drivers who are our perpetual favorites, even if they haven’t won a race the entire season. So if you do want to bring a driver to our attention, please keep in mind that the basis is that they had to have won their series. After that, tell us why you think that your nominee is one who we should know about and name as our Driver of the Year.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you next month.

Matt Emery

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