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Ballistic BJ Baldwin Wows Fans with Trophy Truck in Red Kap Video

Ballistic BJ Baldwin of Recoil and Recoil 2 fame has just released another off-road video that is sure to wow his many fans around the world. The video features BJ Baldwin narrating his journey as an off-road racer while he and his crew can be seen out in the barren desert landscape testing for the upcoming Best in the Desert (BITD) Mint 400, a race that many of his fans have been itching to see him compete in.

The Las Vegas native racer partnered with Red Kap earlier last year and since then the workwear manufacturer has outfitted the Baldwin Motorsports team in performance apparel that is second to none in the off-road industry.

In case you don’t follow off-road racing as closely as you do viral videos, Ballistic BJ Baldwin is pretty much the Ricky Bobby of off-road racing. He’s got more confidence and character than the average racer and can back up his claims with some serious racing skills that he’s earned in the most brutal racing environments. As a seven-time off-road racing champion, Ballistic BJ Baldwin isn’t afraid of letting loose in the desert. If that doesn’t impress you, he’s also earned the nickname “Ironman” after driving his Monster Energy Trophy Truck Solo (no driver change) to not one but two back to back Baja 1000 wins. One thing’s for sure, Baldwin is a menacing force to be reckoned with in the desert.

Check out this video of Ballistic BJ Baldwin tearing up the desert in his 900 plus horsepower Trophy Truck!

For more information about Red Kap, please visit: www.redkapautomotive.com