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FredsList Find: Two Tone 1974 Dodge Ramcharger

Cheap Truck Challenge (presented by Daystar) is coming up and we are all looking for a new project truck. We have a spending cap of $2,015 and can then spend a second $2,015 to modify the vehicle for better all around use. This means lots of reasons to cruise the classifieds in search of inexpensive 4x4’s. The problem is I sometimes find stuff that is over the budget, but I still want it! For example I thought I would search for a Ramcharger as a possible CTC project, and I found this awesome 1974 Dodge Ramcharger with a 440, but it’s way over budget at $3900.

In California we are strapped by smog laws that everything has to be smogged if it’s a 1976 or newer model year. (there are some exceptions for later model diesels). So because this Dodge is presmog it’s even more valuable to those of us looking for a cool big block SUV trail machine. Plus I really like the white seats. I am hoping the seller means it has a 727 TorqueFlite transmission, not a Torch flight, as that sounds like they had to cut a hole in the body with a torch to make the transmission work??!!

Somebody go rescue this RamCharger!