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Last Minute TDS 2015 Fixes: Gusto's 1979 Ford Bronco

Agustin JimenezPhotographer, Writer

The 2015 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari, or TDS as its more commonly referred to is less than a day away and in my driveway sits a beat up '79 Bronco with an empty 9-Inch housing with what remains of some gear oil with metal shards. Yup, I smoked the 4.56 gears on my last off-road outing and of course decided what better reason to fix this old 4x4 than to take it out and thrash it at TDS.

Well, not surprisingly, I put it all off until last minute and decided to add some new gears and a spool to really wake the truck up on the trail. Of course I didn't expect to open up a can of worms but after pulling the axles I quickly realized that not only had I smoked the gears, I had also managed to smoke the wheel bearings. 

Luckily my good friend, former Four Wheeler Editor John Cappa was kind enough to walk us through setting up a 9-Inch third member. Thanks again for all the help, John.

With the drop out third member wrapped up, it's a mad last minute scramble to slap the new parts in the housing and break in the new gears before heading out on a 175 mile road trip to test our new spool. 

Will the big Bronco be ready in time? Who knows, but stay tuned and see if my Bronco ends up hitting the dirt at TDS!