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BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails 2015: Cast Your Trail Nomination!

Every year, BFGoodrich Tires awards grants to qualified and passionate off-road clubs in North America to continue their efforts that preserve and protect their hometown trails. Aside from promoting responsible wheeling, these clubs are a huge asset to the off-road community since they are actively involved in the fight to keep land access open for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.

Through its Outstanding Trails program that promotes sustainable and responsible off-road driving, BFGoodrich Tires will once again award grants of $4,000 each to three off-road clubs in North America. It’s been 10 years since BFGoodrich launched the Outstanding Trails program and this year, they have selected 4 Wheel Parts as presenting sponsor of this year’s program.

4 Wheel Parts will promote the program and provide a critical outreach extension to four-wheel-drive clubs across North America. The program also is conducted in collaboration with United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), Blue Ribbon Coalition and the Off Road Business Association.

To date, Outstanding Trails has awarded grants to 36 off-road trails nominated by 35 local clubs throughout North America. The program has provided more than $140,000 in grants in support of these trail conservation efforts.

“Off-road communities and clubs that promote and preserve this activity are true driving enthusiasts,” said Duane Thomas, brand communications manager for BFGoodrich Tires. “Outstanding Trails allows BFGoodrich Tires and our sponsors to join these clubs in maintaining a robust and responsible off-road culture.”

BFGoodrich has assembled a panel of judges comprised of four-wheel industry veterans to evaluate Outstanding Trails grant submissions. This group selects three winning trails, which will be announced at Off Road Expo in October. The trails are selected based on uniqueness, terrain type and enthusiast support.

Nominations will be accepted from now until through July 10, 2015 and all off-road clubs from around North America are encouraged to submit their nomination of local trails that deserve a grant for maintenance or refurbishing.

For more information or to submit your nomination, please visit: www.bfgoodrichtires.com