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Ladies Of Jp - Trail Head

Jeep Girls

Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

July is my mother’s birthday. And since she’s been in the hospital for the last two weeks, I figured I’d pay her some homage. This one is for all the haters out there.

I truly believe that in life, you are only limited by what you are capable of. I don’t care what sex or color a person is, just who they are. It’s the way I was brought up; the way my mom taught me to live. So for all the haters of the girls I’ve put in the magazine, deal with it. They aren’t here just for the “scantily clad” pictures (don’t go to a beach sometime, egads! You might see a scantily clad woman!).

Angel, Michele, Jordan, Katie, Kelsey, Kayla, Chloe, Abby, and even Trisha (in this issue’s Sideways) are all great people. Aside from Trisha, I’ve wrenched with, wheeled with, and had meals with all of them. I know their families, and they are all great people and awesome Jeep chicks with great families. They wouldn’t be in these pages if they weren’t. Get over what they are wearing for the pictures. What girl doesn’t like to look good in a picture? Would you rather see Ali, Verne, and myself posing for pictures? And, no, the side bet I have with Katie on us in banana hammocks isn’t gonna happen. But it would be hilarious if we didn’t just blow the camera up.

Sure, Katie doesn’t work on Jeeps in high heels (although she did recover those seats in those heels). And while Angel and Michele did help put that top on that Jeep twice (once out there in Prairie City, California, where we took the pictures), that is basically their chosen attire while working on Jeeps or wheeling. Same thing for Kayla, Abby, and Chloe. Katie’s column is here for a different point of view of the Jeep world and to be open to the readers. Hopefully she can show you guys some things you didn’t think of, and maybe you might have some insight into her projects you can share with her.

Let’s face it guys: We are good at making fires, swinging hammers, breaking things (often because of swinging hammers), drinking beers, and making dumb decisions while driving our Jeeps. The Jeep chicks in our lives help round us out. I’ve learned over the years that if she says “I smell something funny” or “What’s that noise?” that I have to figure it out pretty quick because if I don’t (and I know I’m not alone here) catch that kind of stuff until it’s too late, it generally results in blowing something up spectacularly. My mom taught me how to drive my first Jeep. All the girls I’ve had in these pages are great drivers, and I will and have let them drive any Jeep I own, so let’s put that one away too.

I literally don’t care who cooks dinner and who does the oil change or who takes care of the dogs and who swaps axles or gears. If you are good at it, no matter what your color is or what your gender is, do it. Own it. I’ve cooked dinner for more than one Jeep chick while she was working on the Jeep. Who cares? Get over it. The girls I’ve had in these pages are good at their own Jeep-related things, regardless of what you might think about what they are wearing in the pictures. In fact, I encourage more women to stop worrying about what society says is right. If you like packing wheel bearings, pack wheel bearings. If you want to wear Prada while doing it (and can afford it), go for it. Here’s to all the Jeeping women in our lives, my mom included, no matter what they are wearing.