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Jeep Project Updates - Trail Head

The Fleet of Jeep Projects

Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

As I sit here, well before dawn this fine Friday morning, I look back. I realize that my last editorial might have come off harsh, but it still needed to be said. So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about this month.

You don’t live anywhere in reality. —Justin Majich

This month I spent a lot of pages trying to bring you guys (and gals) into the family, so to speak. Believe it or not, life here at Jp headquarters isn’t much different than it is on a Saturday in your garage—I’ve got dead Jeeps, half-done Jeeps, and properly aged parts all over the place. Sure, maybe there are more of them, but the end result is the same: my friends come over, we work on their Jeeps, work on my Jeeps, and just try to get ’em put together enough to get a little further on down the trail. The work is all done out in my driveway on that stupidly steep incline (engine swaps are a royal pain!), and it’s just a bunch of good friends like you’d find any weekend at your place.

So, with that in mind, I decided to bring you all up to date on our various projects. We’ve got a bunch of my piles o’ Jeep, Cappa’s, Mansour’s, Simons’, and Majich’s. These little micro features of our Jeeps will let you see a little of the back side of where they got their names, what state of disrepair they are at, and where we are hoping they end up going. Just like your projects you might be working on in your driveway, we’ve all got the same kind of hopes, goals, and never-finished Jeeps. We reference them all the time on our social media and on our website, but it occurred to me that many of them never got a proper introduction in these pages. So, here they are.

Beyond that, Ali has some neat finishing kind of stuff with his LJ. Justin puts on his hip waders and gets further into the ocean of oil and brake fluid. John brings his flattie back for another installment, and Verne brings the big, badass Willys truck back for a cameo (yes, he’s still working on it.)

You guys might think this is a dictatorship, but I run the ship differently than those before me did. I try to make it as much like a team as I can. Sure, I’m the captain, but without my teammates, I’m nothing. So as a result, I get a lot of hell from my boys. And I love it. If they weren’t giving me a little piece of hell, I’d know something was really wrong. But with a bit of back and forth, all is right with the world. It’s when they clam up I start worrying. So this one is for my boys. For all the contributors that make this magazine possible. For all the guys (and gals) that keep my ass in line day to day. Thanks for everything you all do. There is no replacement.