Ariel Nomad Gets Even More Power With Supercharger

Prepare to be Blown Away

ManufacturerPhotographerCorey SimoneWriter

If you’ve seen the Ariel Atom you know it’s a pretty spectacular road going beast, the Nomad takes that same exhilarating performance to the dirt. The Nomad was built for the driver that wants to blast through rough terrain in one of the most unique vehicles ever built.

The Nomad shares similar chassis design and engine layout as the road going Atom but that’s about it. The suspension offers plenty of travel thanks to fabricated wishbones front and rear with Bilstein coilovers with Eibach springs giving this machine the off-road performance you would expect.

The powertrain is no slouch; in fact you could say it’s a fire-breathing demon the 2.4 K24 4 cylinder engine puts out 235 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque without the supercharger. Current performance numbers are 0-60 mph in 3.4 Seconds with a top speed of 125 mph, now that wasn’t enough performance for the crazy engineers as Ariel, they have added a supercharger!

Just how much more power will the new Nomad have? The new supercharged engine will deliver and extra 55 hp and 30-lb-ft of torque. There hasn’t been any conformation on increased 0-60 times or top speed increases, but it’s safe to assume that they will be faster. If you don’t think that’s a lot of power the Atom only weighs 1,477 pounds!

The increased power to the Nomad will add and additional $9,000 to the price tag but that’s still a bargain considering how fast it goes on and off the road. You can expect to see the new Ariel Nomad stateside in January of 2016 and hopefully flying down the trail near you!

Source: Yahoo/Ariel